How much wear is acceptable on a fork? How often should they receive maintenance? 
No matter the industry or type of work your lift truck performs, it’s important to practice proper fork maintenance and inspect forks on a regular basis. 

Cascade forks are backed by reliable support around the world and a global quality assurance system. Their forks are made with strict guidelines to ensure they meet high standards:

  • Manufactured with only the highest quality steel
  • Vigorously tested to exceed 1 million cycles at 1.25 times the rated capacity around the world
  • All forks meet or exceed national and international standards – including ISO 2328, ISO 2330, and ANSI B.56.

Cascade forks are produced in many section sizes, lengths and mountings. In addition to a full range of fork products for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, Cascade has the unique ability to customize forks in any size for your application. Cascade also offers a variety of specialty forks, including Inverted Forks, Bolt-On Forks, Spark Resistant Forks, and much more. If you face a special challenge, there’s a Cascade fork that can help. 

Cascade Specialty Forks

‘Cascade produces the highest quality forks available on the market,’ says Jason Clarke, Sales Manager in Guelph, Ontario Canada, one of Cascade’s global fork facilities. ‘Like any tool, their lifespan is going to be affected by the nature of work being done. Consistent maintenance and inspections will assure maximum productivity.’ Regular attention to maintenance offers a variety of benefits, including minimized downtime and extended longevity of forks. 

Cascade’s easy guide to fork inspection will help you determine what wear is normal and when to remove a fork from service.

Fork - Measuring

Step 1: Check blade wear with Cascade caliper
Step 2: Check the hooks or bushing for wear
Step 3: Inspect for surface cracks
Step 4: Check the blade & shank for straightness
Step 5: Check the fork angle with Cascade caliper
Step 6: Check the tip alignment
Step 7: Check fork retention hardware
Step 8: Check Fork Safety Guide


In the following video, we’ll show you the step-by-step inspection process:
Cascade has some helpful resources available to help guide you through this inspection process. The Fork Inspection Guide is available  to make regular fork inspection easy.

Cascade Forks: The Premier Choice

Wherever you are in the world, we have a solution for you. Cascade operates 25 state-of-the-art fork manufacturing plants and warehouses located throughout Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia, ensuring the highest quality forks are available to meet the needs of customers all over the world. Warehouses stock over 150 varieties of standard forks for fast shipment on demand. For new fork orders or custom designs, Cascade has the fastest lead times in order to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. 

Not only can Cascade help you choose the best forks possible, we’re here with the resources to help you maintain them with proper inspection.

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