Add POWER to your Pallet Truck

Put the POWER in your pallet truck!

Manually pushing skids and products around warehouse and production floors?  

Increase efficiency Loading and Unloading transport trucks

Do you have excessive health and WSIB costs due to back and other related injuries?

Consider the many New and Used Pallet Truck Options offered at Liftway

Blue Giant - Pallet Truck

For only a few dollars a day consider upgrading to an economical electric motorized power pallet truck allowing your employees to be more productive and to keep them healthy.   Consider either a host of used Pallet truck options or check out the current specials on the Blue Giant EPJ series Powered Pallet Trucks ares an affordable alternative to the basic hand pallet truck.

All Blue Giant EPJ series trucks come with a 24 volt battery pack with a built in charger.  The charger plugs into any 110 volt wall outlet making easy and convenient to charge.

The BLUE GIANT EPJ-30 (3,000 lb capacity) Powered Pallet Truck combines economy with productivity. A low-cost, high-performance alternative to hand pallet trucks, it is built to accommodate the freight-handling needs of the busiest warehouses.  This unit is compact and light enough for using in trailer bodies loading and unloading skids.


The BLUE GIANT EPJ-40 (4,000 lb capacity) Electric Powered Pallet Truck was designed specifically to address the unique demands of lift gate and local delivery applications.  More compact than a regular powered pallet truck, it supports easier maneuverability when working in loaded trailers and smaller areas.  Other recommended applications include warehouses, storage facilities, retail outlets, beverage distribution, frozen food storage, pharmaceuticals and chemical handling and processing operations.

Blue Giant - EPJ-40

The BLUE GIANT EPJ-45 (4,500 lb capacity) Powered Pallet Truck is a high-powered solution for facilities and outlets that regularly handle and transport ground-level loads. Quality and rugged components enable smooth and fast operation and keep maintenance costs low.

Blue Giant - EPJ-45

The EPJ-60R (6,000 lb capacity)  is designed to suit a variety of demanding applications.  It can be customized to suit facility requirements or the needs of a specific application. Built-in diagnostics anticipate service requirements, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.



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