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Liftway Limited started out as a local forklift service shop in 1968 in a small garage on Grand River Ave in Brantford, Ontario.  In 1976 Barrie Schram purchased land and built a new facility in in Cainsville.   With much more space we developed our own forklift parts department working with suppliers such as LPM, Intrupa and SMH.   As well Liftway developed relationships with the OEM suppliers to fulfill our forklift parts requirements.

 In 1991 Liftway Limited became a full line LPM forklift and related industrial equipment parts distributor for Ontario and Central Canada.  With this program as well as other LPG and specific related products parts programs we became one of the leading forklift parts independent distribution companies in the Ontario.  Years later LPM and TotalSource amalgamated – we currently represent the TotalSource® forklift parts and accessories program. 

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This along with our Komatsu, Unicarriers, LiuGong and Hyundai OE parts resources gives us the ability to source and supply all of your forklift parts requirements.  OEM or Aftermarket – the Liftway parts team can find what you are looking for.

Our current parts staff  have close to 100 years combined experience in the forklift parts industry.  Along with current electronic information media we have manuals and microfiche for most older forklift makes and models to assist our customers in identifying and supplying the correct parts required.

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What is TotalSource®?

TotalSource® is a registered trademark of TVH Parts Co. with worldwide recognition. TotalSource® is the premier brand for subassemblies, accessories and after market spare parts in the material handling equipment business. Their catalog and ordering system will satisfy any need you may have to equip, maintain and repair your forklift truck, stacker, reach truck, pallet truck, work platform, etc..  Click on the various products for more information.

The evolution of the aftermarket forklift parts market in North America.

1948 – LPM –  Lift Parts Manufacturing (LPM) is created in Chicago as a forklift parts division of the Echlin Automotive parts group.

1960 – Intrupa – Intrupa was founded in 1960 as an aftermarket parts company specializing mainly in forklift parts for the electric market.

1971 – SMH – Systems Materials Handling (SMH) opens in 1971 in Kansas City and develops their own aftermarket forklift parts line.

1995 Intrupa incorporates with LPM and are incorporated into one holding company called IMC Holdings, Inc

2003 – SMH is aquired by TVH Parts Co.

2006  TVH acquires the assets of IMC Holdings Inc.  (LPM and Intrupa)


TVH, the leading replacement parts provider for the material handling and industrial equipment industry, offers more than 39 million part numbers to choose from and one-day ground shipping to over 92% of the industrial truck population.TVH has grown to become one of the most respected names in the material handling industry. Their commitment to the manufacture and distribution of quality replacement parts and accessories has made them a world leader, supplying more than 7,200,000 parts for world and U.S. manufactured industrial vehicles.

TVH, the leading replacement parts provider for the material handling and industrial equipment industry, offers more than 39 million part numbers to choose from and one-day ground shipping to over 92% of the industrial truck population.

Aftermarket Parts Can Be the Same or Better Quality than the OEM

As the aftermarket parts industry has grown significantly over the last few years, so has the quality of the product. Aftermarket parts from respected brands like TotalSource®, Energic Plus®, Meteorlite® and more offer a strong, reliable alternative and are often the same or better quality than some of the OEM parts on the market today. In many cases, by choosing an aftermarket part, you can end up with a better part than you started with. In fact, over 80% of the parts TVH offers are the exact same quality as the OEM.

TVH employs 800 people in the Americas at its locations in Kansas, California, Illinois, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Florida, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. TVH boasts 165,000 stocking numbers and more than 7,200,000 part numbers for over 90 brands of material handling vehicles.

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Founded in 1969, TVH has 31 subsidiaries, sales offices and/or partners in 22 countries. TVH offers more than 450,000 stocking numbers and more than 11,000,000 part numbers for over 90 different brands of world and U.S. manufactured industrial vehicles. TVH fills more than 5,500 daily shipments to 21,000 customers. TVH employs more than 4,000 people.

At TVH, they are dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality service from the initial quotation to final product delivery. Their commitment to service, knowledge and product availability has made them a One-Stop-Shop for their customers and their business needs.


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