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Are You and Your Forklift Ready for Winter?

Winter is coming fast, and it’s bringing snow, ice, and frigid temperatures.  Are you prepared? Is your company prepared?

Be Proactive – Don’t wait until it’s too late!


Here are a few tips to keep your forklift, and your forklift drivers, in good shape this winter season:

  • Warm clothing, gloves, and hats for anyone operating a forklift outside. Not only will this ensure that your driver won’t get sick, but a cold body reacts slowly.  Warm clothing will keep the driver focused, alert, and able to quickly react if need be.
  • Drivers should reduce speed in icy or wet conditions. This may seem obvious, but it is easy to get too comfortable with operating a forklift, and forgetting how dangerous than can be when used improperly.
  • Be sure to have the correct deep lug tires that are not worn out if you are taking your forklift outdoors in the cold weather and icy conditions. The installation of tire chains on your forklift may also provide better traction.   Sand or salt your yard areas to increase traction in snow and ice to be sure that your tires maintain sufficient traction.
  • Make sure the appropriate mix of anti-freeze is in your forklift cooling system to provide the appropriate protection.  Use an approved tester to check the mix.  If the antifreeze is old or dirty maybe it is time to flush the system and replace the coolant.
  • Lubrication is always important, but especially when it is freezing outside! Make sure all of the moving parts on your lift truck are properly lubricated and oiled to keep it running smoothly.  Is your forklift due for  PM service.
  • Don’t be caught without proper lighting on your forklifts due to shorter daylight through the winter months.  Newer LED headlights can improve your driver’s view in poorly lit areas of your outside work areas.
  • An inexpensive universal forklift cab enclosure can provide protection for your driver while operating a forklift in adverse conditions.

Forklift Enclosure


These 6 simple tips will help get you ready for the winter.  Speak to your Liftway Limited sales representative or technician, they can always help with any questions you may have, and can help you with lighting, heating, tires, and proper lubrication for the unforgiving winter weather.


Don’t let bad winter weather stop your work from getting done!  Call Liftway Limited today before it’s too late.

Call Liftway – 1-800-543-8929.


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