Komatsu Forklift
AX50 Series – Pneumatic
3000-3500 lb capacity

AX50 series pneumatic tire - Komatsu

AX50 Series – KOMATSU Pneumatic Forklift

Models: FG15HTU-20 – 3,000 lb capacity, FG18HTU-20 – 3,500 lb capacity

Great design starts on the smallest level and with the Komatsu AX50 series, no detail has been overlooked. Building on our 80-year history of superior engineering, the AX50 delivers improved performance and unbeatable strength for your most demanding applications. Using advanced Clean Air Technology, exhaust emissions are brought well below regulations to provide a more pleasant and productive work environment. The AX50 series delivers the qualities you’ve come to count on in a Komatsu Forklift.


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Komatsu AX50 series pneumatic forklift

Komatsu AX50 Series Features:

Dual Floating Structure: – The Komatsu Komfort Zone design uses a dual floating structure that protects operators. One set of vibration-dampening mounts separate the forklift’s frame from the engine and transmission. A second set of suspension mounts isolate the operator compartment from the frame. In addition, drive-train design reduces vibration transmitted from the differential.

EZ View Mast System: – Operator visibility is a key to productive forklift operations. The newly designed Komatsu EZview mast and low-profile dash display gives an unrestricted view of the fork tips and surroundings. In the rear of the AX50, the upper corner of the counterweight angles sharply to give optimum visibility when moving in reverse.

Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering System: – The AX50 series Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering system reduces operator fatigue by eliminating kickback and allowing easy steering, even while the forklift is stationary. A small-diameter steering wheel improves operator feel and control.

Angled Exhaust Ports: – Hot engine air and exhaust gases are tiring to the operator. On the AX50 series, angled ports aim hot engine air away from the operator while traveling in reverse. Exhaust vents located low on the counterweight keep exhaust gases away from the operator and also away from the floor to avoid stirring up dust.

High Efficiency Drive Train: – A new transmission, designed and manufactured by Komatsu Forklift Limited, handles the high torque provided by the powerful K21 engine. A high-capacity oil cooler protects the torque converter, and an aluminum alloy transmission case improves heat dissipation. O-ring face seals designed for high-temperature, high-speed applications reduces the possibility of leaks in the pump, power steering circuit and torque converter cooler.

KOPS Plus Komatsu Operator Presence System: – KOPS Plus – standard on the AX50 series – locks out lift, lower, tilt and traveling functions when the operator leaves the seat for more than three seconds. They do not resume until the operator returns to the seat and resets the controls. A flashing yellow warning light alerts the operator when the KOPS lock is activated. In addition, the forks cannot be lowered while the key is in the off position.


Komfort Zone Dual Floating Structure
Full Floating Transmission
Self Adjusting Brakes
EZview Mast
KOPS Plus Lock Lift/Travel Interlock
Low Profile Dash Display
Drawbar Pin in Counterweight
Electrionic Ignition, Anti Restart Ignition Switch
Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering
Long-life Headlights (OHG mounted)
High-mount Air Intake
Horn with Actuator on Center of Steering Wheel
Komfort Seat and Operator Restraint System with Lap Belt
3-function Hydraulic Control Valve
Parking Brake with Double-action Release
Large, Open Floor Space with Operator Compartment Suspended-mount Pedals
Transmission Torque Converter Oil Cooler
Load Backrest
Engine Protection System
Critical Wiring Harness Connectors are Waterproof
Contoured, Easy-to-Grip, Hydraulic Control Lever Knobs



Power Type LPG LPG
Operation Type Sit-Down Sit-Down
Capacity @ 24 in. (600mm) Load Centre 3,000 lbs 3,500 lbs
Load Distance From Centre Axle (2 stage) 15.4 in 15.4 in
Wheelbase 55.1 in 55.1 in


Service Weight 6,230 lb. 6,700 lb.
Axle Loading – Loaded Front 7,190 lb. 8,640 lb.
Axle Loading – Loaded Rear 1,311 lb. 1,543 lb.
Axle Loading – Unloaded Front 2,500 lb. 2,360 lb.
Axle Loading – Unloaded Rear 3,730 lb. 4,340 lb.


Tire Type Pneumatic Pneumatic
Tire Size  –  Front 6.50 – 10 – 10PR (I) 6.50 – 10 – 10PR (I)
Tire Size  –  Rear 5-8 – 8PR (I) 5-8 – 8PR (I)
Number of Wheels Front / Rear 2x / 2 2 x / 2
Tread  –  Front 35 in 35 in
Tread  –  Rear 35.2 in 35.2 in.








Tilting Angle, Forward / Backward 6 / 8 degree 6 / 8 degree
Mast Height  –  Lowered 85.5 in 85.5 in
Mast Height  –  Extended 176 in 176 in.
Free Lift Height 5.5 in 5.5 in.
Maximum Fork Height 128 in 128 in.
Height – Overhead Guard 81.5 in 81.5 in
Length  (Standard Forks) 129.7 in 131.3 in
Length to Fork Face 87.6 in 89.2 in
Overall width at Drive Tires 42.1 in 42.1 in
Forks (Standard) Thickness x Width x Length 1.6 x 4 x 42.1 in. 1.6 x 4 x 42.1 in.
Carriage Width / ITA Class 41 in. / II 41 in. / II
Ground Clearance – Under Mast 5.5 in 5.5 in
Ground Clearance – Centre of Wheelbase 5.1 in 5.1 in
Right Angle Stacking Aisle 92.4 in 93.7 in
Turning Radius – Outside 77 in 78.3 in


Travel Speed, Loaded / Unloaded 11.8 / 12.4 mph 11.8 / 12.4 mph
Lifting Speed, Loaded / Unloaded 135 / 138 fpm 135 / 138 fpm
Lowering Speed , Loaded / Unloaded 98 / 98 fpm 98 / 98 fpm
Maximum Drawbar Pull, Loaded 3,700 lb 3,700 lb
Maximum Gradeability 39% 35%
Service Brake, Operation / Control Foot / Hydraulic Foot / Hydraulic
Parking Brake, Operation / Control Hand / Mechanical Hand / Mechanical
Steering Type FHPS FHPS


Engine Manufacturer / Model GCT / K21 GCT / K21
Rated Output (SAE Net) 56 HP @ 2,700 rpm 56 HP @ 2,700 rpm
Maximum Torque (SAE Net) 119 [email protected],600 rpm 119 [email protected],600 rpm
# of cylinders / Displacement 4 / 126 cu in 4 / 126 cu in
Fuel Tank Capacity 11 US Gallons 11 US Gallons


Relief Pressure, Maximum 2,650 psi 2,650 psi
Transmission Powershift Powershift
Sound Level 84 dB 84 dB


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