Cushion Tire Forklifts
4000 to 6500 lb capacity


BX series - Komatsu - Cushion Tire forklift

KOMATSU BX50 Series – Cushion Tire Forklift

Model BX50 series Series: FG20ST-16 – 4,000 lb capacity,  FG25ST-16 / FG25SHT-16 – 5,000 lb capacity, FG30SHT-16 – 6,000 lb capacity, FG32SHT-16 – 6,500 lb. capacity.

Komatsu’s heart-of-the-line BX50 series redefines the forklift once again. Whether your application calls for an agile and maneuverable cushion tire model for indoors, or the flexibility and power of a pneumatic model for outdoors, the BX50 series is sure to meet your needs. The BX50’s superior performance can increase productivity, minimize operator fatigue, reduce operating costs and improve the working environment. Boost your bottom line now—put a Komatsu BX50 series forklift to work in your application today.


Komatsu BX series cushion tire forklift

Komatsu BX50 series Cushion Tire Forklift Brochure


Dual Floating Structure – The Komatsu Komfort Zone is a dual floating structure that protects operators through advanced ergonomic design and reduces the effects of engine vibration, noise and heat. Vibration-dampening mounts separate the engine and transmission from the forklift’s frame. Additional suspension mounts isolate the operator compartment from the frame. The heavy-gauge steel frame, front axle and heavy front fender connect to deliver high strength—critical for high lifting and heavy loads.

EZ View Mast System: – With the excellent visibility window on the EZview mast, the BX50 series forklift operator has an unrestricted view of the fork tips and surroundings. Towards the front, the newly designed EZview mast, console and low-profile dash give maximum visibility. To the rear, the upper corners of the counterweight are angled for clear sightlines in reverse.

Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering: – Even when the Komatsu BX50 is sitting still, its Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering (FHPS) system allows east steering. The FHPS system also reduced operator fatigue by eliminating kickback. Operator feel and control are improved by a small-diameter steering wheel and an optional spinner knob allows easier, one-handed steering.

Angled Exhaust Ports: – Hot engine air and exhaust gases are tiring to the operator. On the BX50, angled ports aim hot engine air away from the operator while traveling in reverse. Exhaust vents located low on the counterweight keep exhaust gases away from the operator and also away from the floor to avoid stirring up dust.

High Efficiency Drive Train: – The high torque delivered by the BX50’s powerful K21 and K25 engines is channeled through a new transmission designed and manufactured by Komatsu. This rugged new drive train features an aluminum alloy transmission case for improved heat dissipation, a high-capacity oil cooler or torque converter, and O-ring face seals to greatly reduce the possibility of leaks. Komatsu’s extensive experience with demanding construction machinery applications led to a highly reliable, highly dust-resistant, double-seal universal joint design in the full floating BX50 drive train.

KOPS Plus Komatsu Operator Presence: – KOPS Plus – standard on the BX50 series – locks out lift, lower, tilt and traveling functions when the operator leaves the seat for more than three seconds. They do not resume until the operator returns to the seat and resets the controls. A flashing yellow warning light alerts the operator when the KOPS lock is activated. In addition, the forks cannot be lowered while the key is in the off position.


Full Floating Transmission
Self Adjusting Brakes
EZview Mast
KOPS Plus Lock Lift/Travel Interlock
Low Profile Dash Display
Drawbar Pin in Counterweight
Electronic Ignition, Anti Restart Ignition Switch
Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering
Long-life Headlights (OHG mounted)
High-mount Air Intake
Horn with Actuator on Center of Steering Wheel
3 Piece Overhead Guard
Komfort Seat and Operator Restraint System with Lap Belt
3-function Hydraulic Control Valve
Parking Brake with Double-action Release
Large, Open Floor Space with Operator Compartment Suspended-mount Pedals
Transmission Torque Converter Oil Cooler
Load Backrest
Engine Protection System
Critical Wiring Harness Connectors are Waterproof
Contoured, Easy-to-Grip, Hydraulic Control Lever Knobs



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