Camso showcases five new forklift tire solutions

Camso showcases five new forklift tire solutions at ProMat 2017

Camso displayed its new Solideal PON 775, a press-on tire designed for highly intense applications, to be launched later in 2017. This new tire provides reliability and maximum life in the most demanding environments, and more.

“We’ve incorporated a new technology that minimizes internal heat build-up and provides enhanced durability,” explains Erick Bellefleur, Product Line Director – Material Handling. “The PON 775 also features a unique and patented sidewall design which relieves stresses on the tire edges and reduces ground pressure,” concludes Bellefleur.

In addition to the Solideal PON 775, Camso showcased its new series of resilient tires on site:

Solideal Resilient Tire

  • The Solideal RES 660 Xtreme Resilient forklift tire Series: designed for very intense applications with long runs, heavy lifting, and minimal forklift idle time. 
  • The Solideal RES 550 Magnum Resilient forklift tire Series: the ideal choice for applications that require medium and heavy loads but do not operate 24/7. 
  • The Solideal RES 330: suited for machines running in confined spaces on an intermittent basis.


The release of these new solid tires is part of a new product position Camso has recently taken for its material handling business. To maximize life and return on investment, the company believes resilient and press-on tires should be selected according to the usage intensity of a forklift application. “Fleet owners expect maximum life from a tire,” explains Bellefleur. “When choosing tires for forklifts, buyers must especially focus on how the machine is being used. Over and above environment, vehicle usage intensity is the most important variable determining tire requirements,” he adds.

The company has developed their Usage Intensity Calculator, which analyzes the level of forklift application intensity and recommends the appropriate tire to provide maximum tire life for that specific application.

To complement its industrial pneumatic line-up at ProMat, Camso also unveiled the Solideal AIR 550, a new pneumatic industrial tire that will be the number one choice for applications that cannot run on solid tires. The Solideal AIR 550 ensures maximum durability and thus provides major enhancements to performance and lifespan. Camso’s engineering team has developed this tire with tougher materials, resulting in a considerable leap in durability.

Over and above product innovation

Since its 2015 appearance at ProMat, the company has not only continued to introduce new products to meet the evolving needs of today’s material handling market, but has also rebranded itself as Camso, the Road Free company. “Road Free is our way of explaining our unique understanding of the niche mobility needs of the off-the-road market. We do this by focusing all of our efforts on developing products and services specifically for off-the-road applications,” says Derek Bradeen, Global Director, Brand and Communications at Camso. “Very few tire and track companies can say the same.”

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