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Cascade Corporation provides countless solutions to help our partners in the winemaking industry move their liquid assets.

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The grapes are ripe and bursting with juice. From the onset of harvest, when the fruit is delivered to the winery from the vineyards in wooden boxes and plastic bins, Cascade Sideshifters and Fork Positioners are on hand to quickly move, stack and prepare the bins for the sorting line. Using the iForks Pro mobile weighing fork scales, drivers are able to weigh the grapes on the go. The iForks Pro’s wireless display uses Bluetooth® technology and increases efficiency by allowing lift truck drivers to view and track the weight of individual loads, the total weight of multiple loads and the number of individual units within a load, in just one step.

When it’s time for the lift truck to approach the sorting line, Cascade Rotators are ready to help control the flow of the fruit by allowing the bins to be emptied as slowly or quickly as desired with ease, precision and efficiency. Rotators give the driver the ability to quickly dump or invert a load and immediately return the forks to the pick-up position in one continuous motion.

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Winemaking is practically as old as time, but the evolution of the plastic wine tote has necessitated a new way of handling product. Designed to easily accommodate various bin/tote heights and sizes, Cascade’s QFM Forward Bin Dumpers are versatile attachments with manually adjustable top bin stops. Forward Bin Dumpers can be used with the short 16-inch (400mm) bin size, which allows them to be handled without crushing grapes at the bottom. The quick fork mounted design allows quick and easy installation, ideal for seasonal use. Bin Dumpers require only one auxiliary function for operation and provide a smooth dumping motion. The full 135-degree forward tipping motion ensures the complete emptying of the bin. Hydraulic adjustable bin stops can be actuated without forward tipping to keep the bin from sliding off the forks while transporting it to be dumped. Stops are visible enabling the driver to ensure they are actuated before the bin dumps and the long lead in taper on fork channels minimizes potential damage to bins. Absence of side arms allows a driver to easily pick middle units from rows of tightly stacked bins.

Cascade Wine Barrel Handler

When working in the cave or in narrow aisles, the Cascade Wine Barrel Handler is an economical solution. Easily grab, stack, lower and spin barrels, minimizing manual handling while maximizing productivity. Simplify the barrel handling process by allowing a lift truck driver to easily grab a barrel from a stack, lower it to the ground or move it to the desired location. A 180-degree swinging fork assembly mounted on a full-width traversing frame allows the driver to pick up a barrel from either the left- or the right-hand side of a narrow aisle. The Wine Barrel Handler can handle most types and sizes of wine barrels. The fork cradle design features rollers to aid in the manual spinning of the barrel for mixing and a cushioned bumper to further protect the product.

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Once the wine has been bottled, Cascade attachments can easily move those cases around the warehouse or load them onto trucks for shipping. Multiple Load Handlers allows drivers to use the same lift truck to handle either single or double pallet loads. Spreading the four forks allows handling of two pallets side by side. When brought together, the four forks convert to two forks ready for single pallet handling.

Consider Cascade Carton Clamps for palletless handling and save money on pallet purchasing, maintenance, shipping and storage. Use our award-winning TFCTM – Touch Force Control in conjunction with a Cascade Carton Clamp for perfect clamp force every time. No more broken bottles.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most ingenious ones. DAGS – Magnetic Fork Covers are an affordable option to help secure and safeguard your most precious loads. DAGS install easily onto your existing forks to ensure the secure and steady handling of your barrels, tanks, racks or bins.

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Our commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction makes us the leading worldwide manufacturer of lift truck attachments and related products. Whether you’re moving grapes, barrels or kegs Cascade makes an attachment to handle it. We have over 70 years providing innovative solutions to the challenges of moving product. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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