Cascade New J-Series White Goods Clamps

Cascade Introduces the New J-Series White Goods (WG) Clamps 

Cascade is pleased to introduce  the J-Series White Goods (WG) Clamp Models. In the Americas, these WG models are being introduced with the benefits of the previously announced J-Series Carton Clamps, including enhanced durability, improved reliability, and industry leading visibility for better ease of use. The energy efficient hydraulic system also minimizes energy consumption and maximizes performance.

Cascade White Goods Clamps

Two Cascade J-Series WG model arm configurations are being offered for your different handling needs – the WGF model and the WGS model. Both WG model clamps decrease product damage as the 3-finger arm design provides optimal clamp distribution across taller loads. The WGF model features the industry exclusive Adjusta-Block system, which allows for more precise handling as it offers adjustment points to distribute clamp force more evenly along the pad surface. The WGS model features single articulating arms that can be shim-adjusted for better clamp force distribution.

WG models have been specifically designed for use with white goods and appliances, and in other traditional carton clamp applications, such as wine and spirits.

To determine your best application for each model, please review the WG model comparison matrix.

Cascade White Goods Clamps – Features and Value-Added Benefits:

  • Patented 3-Finger arm design for optimal clamp force distribution and less product damage.
  • Patented Adjusta-Blocks on arms offers six adjustment points to distribute clamp force more evenly along the pad surface for more precise handling (WGF models only).
  • Industry proven, full-length, lubrication free UHMW bearings for maintenance free extended service life, backed by a 10,000 hour / 36 month bearing guarantee.
  • Improved visibility through the clamp for ease of use and increased productivity.
  • Improved hydraulic efficiency via a new valve, offering 20% reduction in pressure drop, saving energy for the user.
  • Overclamp, backhand and sideshift relief are built into the new valve to improve reliability.
  • Cartridge-type flow divider providing equal arm movement for ease of use.
  • Added reliability through high quality, Dual seal cylinder retainer seal.
  • Hardened polyurethane cylinder rod wiper prevents debris entering the cylinder and eliminates leakage.
  • High-strength steel frame and mounting plates for durability.
  • New arm corner casting design with greater strength and durability than the D-Series.
  • True Centering Key ensures easy clamp centering on all OEM truck carriages.
  • Rubber-faced aluminum contact pads to securely handle loads.
  • Available in high and low pressure offerings to ensure attachment compatibility with truck’s hydraulic system.


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