Cascade – Your Pulp and Paper Industry Material Handling Experts

Cascade – Your Pulp and Paper Industry Material Handling Experts

Thursday, 20 Jul 2017

Cascade 140G Paper Clamp

Cascade knows paper. Across the globe, companies in the pulp and paper industry turn to Cascade Corporation for their material handling needs, from fleets of reliable paper roll clamps to precision damage reduction solutions. Continuous research into new technology and strong partnerships with pulp and paper mills, shippers, warehouses, converters and end users has enabled Cascade to lead the global market as material handling experts in the pulp and paper industry.


Viewed right – Cascade 140G


Every Step of the Way
Cascade has a solution to offer for every phase of the pulp and paper industry process. For working with raw materials in the early stages of production, Pulp Bale Clamps and Recycling Clamps are effective attachments for secure handling of pulp and recycled fiber bales, with durable models for every rugged environment. 

Once the paper product is processed, Cascade has a clamp for any size, weight, or type of roll you are handling, whether it be linerboard, medium, newsprint, tissue, fine paper or coated stock. Cascade’s Paper Roll Clamps are used by companies around the world. “We’re able to stand as a global leader because our Paper Roll Clamps deliver,” says Mike Elmore, Global Product Manager at Cascade. “Customers look to Cascade products for reliability, damage reduction, and maximum efficiency, and we design each attachment to meet those needs.” 

Cascade Paper Clamps

When your operation requires a special solution, Cascade has an answer. For large jobs, look to Tower Clamps; designed to handle multiple rolls at one time, they are essential for mills, shippers, ports and stevedores where improved productivity requires multiple roll handling. When arm thickness and maneuverability are critical, Sliding Arm models offer a narrow clamp arm profile for knifing between tightly stacked rolls. With Tissue Roll Clamps, Roll Upenders, and many more varieties available, including custom solutions, Cascade can meet your needs for any application. 

Reduce Damage and Maximize Efficiency 
Successfully moving pulp and paper products through the supply chain is a team effort and the final result is only as strong as the weakest link in that chain. From roll production to final destination, Cascade is dedicated to ensuring that each step of the journey is precise, practiced and controlled. Our extensive line of damage reduction solutions allow you to be closer than ever to delivering the perfect roll every time. 

Adaptive Force 
Control (AFC) and Hydraulic Force Control  (HFC) are two of Cascade’s most valuable options available to ensure proper paper roll handling, reduce damage and increase productivity. AFC uses a preprogrammed ratio based on roll weight and paper type to set optimal clamp force each time a roll is grabbed, without demanding driver input. HFC automatically controls clamp force in proportion to the weight of the load. By removing the guesswork from driver operation, these powerful tools reduce the possibility of damaging a roll due to incorrect clamp force. The Digital Tilt Indicator (DTI) is another essential solution for increasing efficiency. Compatible with virtually any lift truck, this visual aid informs the driver how the mast is tilted with accuracy within 1 degree. DTI improves the operator’s awareness of roll orientation, minimizing potential for damage and ultimately improving your bottom line.

No paper roll clamp would be complete without a specialized contact pad. Rather than providing just one option for roll handling, Cascade offers a wide variety of contact pad options to meet each customer’s specific needs, prevent roll slippage and securely handle rolls. Whether handling slick paper stock or soft tissue and toweling paper, customers can ultimately reduce roll damage by choosing the correct contact pad for their application. 

Cascade Clamps - pads

Your Pulp and Paper Industry Material Handling Experts
Over the years, Cascade has forged a valuable partnership with our customers worldwide. By focusing on the customer we’re able to create a product that specifically matches their material handling needs. For professional and experienced advice about your pulp, paper and converting material handling requirements, contact a Cascade expert today. Cascade is committed to finding the most effective solution for your particular application – wherever you are in the world. 

About Cascade Corporation:
Cascade Corporation, was established in Portland, Ore. in 1943 and is the global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of material handling and construction equipment and related technologies. Cascade’s unmatched service, support and expertise, combined with their advanced damage reduction technologies, flexible manufacturing, short lead times and quality products, strengthen the company’s position as the premier supplier to the material handling industry. For more information visit

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