Clamp Open Guard

Guard Against Accidental Unclamping.

Reduce the costs due to damage of goods from premature unclamping.

The new Cascade system is recommended for use on Paper Roll Clamps, Layer Pickers and Sliding Arm Clamps to provide an added level of security in preventing accidental load dropping (as required by the ANSI/ITSDF B56.1, paragraph 7.25.7-see page two – see below).  The Cascade Clamp-Open-Guard requires a secondary action on the part of the forklift driver before the open auxiliary function will operate, preventing unintentional release of the load.

Cascade Open Clamp Guard

Without the lift truck driver taking a secondary action, the clamp-open-circuit is inoperable. It requires the lift truck driver to make two distinct motions, push; a button and move the auxiliary lever to open the attachment.  The Clamp-Open-Guard has no effect on clamp closing operations.


  • The driver activates the Cascade ClampOpen-Guard system when he is ready to unclamp the load.
  • LED light indicates when load can be unclamped
  • Easily installed in the hydraulic system.
  • No calibration required.
  • The ClampOpen-Guard will require the driver to hold the button down while opening the arms.


  1. The lever will always be able to close or clamp on the load without pushing any buttons.
  2. The driver will be required to press the unclamp button to open the clamp arms even when not clamping a load.




Effective for lift trucks manufactured on or after October 7, 2010 a new safety standard states that all lift trucks with a load bearing clamp (paper roll clamp, carton clamp, etc.) must require two distinct motions on the part of the driver before opening or releasing the clamp. For example, you must press a button and then move a lever to unclamp the load. This requirement applies to new and used attachments being mounted on new trucks shipping after the effective date above.

Section 7.25.7 of ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 Safety Standard for Low Lift and High Lift trucks states: The manual operation or physical action of the control used to release a load bearing clamp shall require two distinct motions or operations by the operator before the clamp is opened and the load bearing force is released. For example move the lever or handle to the left (or right) and then forward (or down), or, depress a button on the lever or handle and then move the lever or handle forward (or down).

Cascade’s Clamp-Open-Guard meets the requirements of this new safety standard and is also an excellent choice for trucks that shipped prior to the effective date for users that focus on safe operations. This system is recommended for use with all paper roll clamps and sliding arm clamps and provides an added level of security to prevent accidental load dropping.


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