Komatsu Forklift
CX Series – Pneumatic
8000 to 11000 lb capacity

Komatsu CX50 series Pneumatic ForkliftKomatsu – CX50 Series – Pneumatic Forklift

Models FG40ZTU-10 – 8,000 lb capacity, FG40TU-10 – 9,000 lb capacity, FG45TU-10 – 10,000 lb capacity and FG50ATU-10 – 11,000 lb capacity

The fusion of advanced engine technologies and Komatsu’s unique hydraulic system enables the CX50 Series pneumatic forklift to achieve significant reduction in total operation costs and facilitates superior working performance. A fully electronically controlled engine with a 3-way catalytic system conforms to the latest emission regulations for a cleaner work environment. The Komatsu CX50 series challenges the conventional concept of the forklift.

Komatsu Forklift Product Selection Guide.

Komatsu CX series Truck Brochure

Komatsu CX series


Durable Wet Disk Brakes – The wet disc brake system is sealed with oil to block dust penetration, providing durable, water resistant and fade resistant characteristics. Smooth, stable braking provides productivity and reliability in demanding operations.
The oil in a wet disc brake system is circulated through the brake oil cooler. This mechanism ensures stable braking under a heavy work load and prevents deterioration of the braking force that could be caused by raised oil temperatures. Komatsu’s unique cushioning valve enables controlled braking force that precisely reflects the pressure on the brake pedal.

Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering – The Komatsu Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering (FHPS) system facilitates fully stationary steering as well as switchback operations using the small diameter steering wheel. The system has a superior response capability so that the operator can maneuver easily with a load even in a tight area.

Dual Floating Structure Reduces Vibrations – A unique dual vibration cushioning system reduced vibrations in the compartment, steering wheel, control levers and the mast. Any vibrations transmitted from the engine or road surface are quickly absorbed. The system is friendly to both the operator and the load.

KOPS Plus Komatsu Operator Presence System – KOPS Plus – standard on the CX50 – locks out lift, lower, tilt and traveling functions when the operator leaves the seat for more than three seconds. They do not resume until the operator returns to the seat and resets the controls. A flashing yellow warning light alerts the operator when the KOPS lock is activated. In addition, the forks cannot be lowered while the key is in the off position.

Reduced Hot Air and Exhaust Gas – Two counterweight air outlets are provided on the left and right sides and an exhaust pipe outlet is provided at a lower position. This prevents the operator from being exposed to hot air from the radiator and exhaust gases while driving in reverse. The 3-way catalytic system also purifies the nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions.

Full Suspension Seat – The full suspension seat provides improved operator comfort. The deluxe seat features improved vibration resistance and reduced stress on the driver. This seat features six-step reclining backrest, 6.7” slide distance backward and forward, seat cushion adjustable dial and a retractable seat belt.

Secure Operator Controls – The secure lever controls with minimum movement using fingertip operator for the F/R lever. The control levers feature contoured knobs for ease of control. A smaller steering wheel permits widened forward visibility along with the redesigned dashboard for complete fork tip visibility. Komatsu’s unique cushioning valve enables control of the braking force in proportion to the pressure on the brake pedal and improves the braking feel.



3-way Catalytic System
Dual Floating Structure
Full Suspension Seat
Small Diameter Steering Wheel
Tiltable Steering Column
Paper Binder at Engine Hood
Back-up Alarm
Rear Combination Light
Cyclone Air Cleaner
Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering
Overhead Guard with Front/Rear Conduits
Easy-removable Floor Panel & Radiator Cover
Resin Dashboard Cover


Wide Angle Center Mirror
Rear View Mirrors
Air Intake Pre-cleaner
LPG Swing Down Tank Bracket
Steel Cab
Steel Cab with Heater & Defroster
Steel Cab with Air Conditioner
Tilt Cylinder Boots
Fire Extinguisher
Mast Mounted Head Lights
Rear Working Light
Amber Strobe Light
Fuel Level Warning Lamp
Solid Pneumatic Tires
Non Marking Tires
Dual Front Drive Tires


Operation Type Sit-down Sit-down Sit-down Sit-down
Capacity @ 24in. load Centre 8,000 lb. 9,000 lb. 10,000 lb. 11,000 lb.
Load Distance From Centre Axle (2 stage) 21.3 in. 22.8 in. 23.2 in. 22.6 in.
Wheelbase 70.9 in. 78.7 in. 78.7 in. 78.7 in.


WEIGHT FG40ZTU-10 FG40TU-10 FG45TU-10 FG50ATU-10
Service Weight 12,507 lb. 13,673 lb. 14,960 lb. 15,928 lb.
Axle Loading – Loaded Front 18,766 lb. 19,547 lb. 21,813 lb. 23,727 lb.
Axle Loading – Loaded Rear 2,541 lb. 2,926 lb. 3,047 lb. 3,201 lb.
Axle Loading – Unloaded Front 4,873 lb. 5,555 lb. 6,017 lb. 6,270 lb.
Axle Loading – Unloaded Rear 7,634 lb. 8,118 lb. 8,943 lb. 9,658 lb.


TIRES FG40ZTU-10 FG40TU-10 FG45TU-10 FG50ATU-10
Tire Type Pneumatic  Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Tire Size – Front 250-15-16PR (I) 300-15-18PR (I) 300-15-18PR (I) 300-15-18PR (I)
Tire Size – Rear 7.00×12-12PR (I) 7.00×12-12PR (I) 7.00×12-12PR (I) 7.00×12-14PR (I)
Number of Wheels 2x /2 2x /2 2x /2 2x /2
Tread – Front 43.9 in. 45.3 in. 45.3 in. 45.3 in.
Tread – Rear 44.1 in. 44.1 in. 44.1 in. 44.1 in.


Tilting Angle, Fwd/Back 6 / 12 deg. 6 / 12 deg. 6 / 12 deg. 6 / 12 deg.
Mast Height – Lowered 82.7 in. 106.7 in. 98.4 in. 101.8 in.
Mast Height – Raised 162.6 in. 162.6 in. 162.6 in. 171.1 in.
Free Lift Height 6.1 in. 6.3 in. 5.7 in. 5.7 in.
Maximum Fork Height 118.1 in. 118.1 in. 118.1 in. 118.1 in.
Height Overhead Guard 87 in. 88.6 in. 88.6 in. 88.6 in.
Length – with Standard Forks 158.5 in. 166.1 in. 168.1 in. 173.4 in.
Length to Fork Face 116.3 in. 124 in. 126 in. 125 in.
Overall Width at Drive Tires 53.1 in. 57.1 in. 57.1 in. 57.1 in.
Forks, Thickness x Width x Length (in) 2×5.9×42.1 2.2×5.9×42.1 2.2×5.9×42.1 2.2×5.9×48
Carriage Width / ITA Class 46.9 in. / III 46.9 in. / III 46.9 in. / III 50 in./ 48 in.
Ground Clearance, Under Mast 5.5 in. 5.7 in. 5.7 in. 5.7 in.
Ground Clearance, Centre of Wheelbase 6.9 in. 8.7 in. 8.7 in. 8.7 in.
Right Angle Stacking Aisle 122.9 in. 131.9 in. 134.2 in. 134.8 in.
Turning Radius, Outside 101.6 in. 109.1 in. 111 in. 112.2 in.


 Travel Speed, Loaded 1st/2nd (mph)  11.2 / NA  11.2 / NA  9.6 / 14.3  9.0 / 14.6
 Travel Speed, Unloaded 1st/2nd (mph)  11.8 / NA  11.8 / NA  10.3 / 14.9  9.6 / 14.6
 Lifting Speed, Loaded / Unloaded  (fpm)  100.4/100.4  100.4/100.4  86.6/86.6  86.6/86.6
 Lowering Speed, Loaded / Unloaded (fpm)  98.4/98.4  98.4/98.4  98.4/98.4  98.4/98.4
 Maximum Drawbar Pull, Loaded  5,395 lb  5,395 lb  6,295 lb.  6,295 lb.
 Service Brake, Operation/Control  Foot / Hyd  Foot / Hyd  Foot / Hyd  Foot / Hyd
 Parking Brake, Operation/Control  Hand/Mech  Hand/Mech  Hand/Mech  Hand/Mech
 Steering Type  FHPS  FHPS  FHPS  FHPS


DRIVE FG40ZTU-10 FG40TU-10 FG45TU-10 FG50ATU-10
 Engine Mfg / Model  GCT/EBT-TB45-1A  GCT/EBT-TB45-1A  GCT/EBT-TB45-1A  GCT/EBT-TB45-1A
 Rated Output (SAE Net)  [email protected] rpm  [email protected],250 rpm  [email protected],250 rpm  [email protected],250 rpm
 Maximum Torque (SAE Net) 201 [email protected],600 rpm  201 [email protected],600 rpm  201 [email protected],600 rpm  201 [email protected],600 rpm
 # of cylinders / Displacement  6 / 273 cu in  6 / 273 cu in  6 / 273 cu in  6 / 273 cu in
 Fuel Tank Capacity  76 litre  98 litre 98 litre 98 litre


OTHER FG40ZTU-10 FG40TU-10 FG45TU-10 FG50ATU-10
 Relief Pressure, Maximum  2,988 psi  2,988 psi  2,988 psi  2,988 psi


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