Komatsu Electric Forklifts
3000 – 6500 lb capacity

KOMATSUElectric Rider – Battery Powered,
Cushion & Pneumatic Tire – Indoor / Outdoor Forklift

Komatsu Electric Rider - AE50AE50 Series – 4-Wheel – FB15/18 /20 – 3,000 / 3,500 / 4,000 lb. Capacity – Solid Pneumatic Tire Komatsu electric rider. 

Komatsu’s electric counterbalanced forklifts bring bold improvements to the market with significant reductions in total operating costs while improving truck performance and productivity. Komatsu’s AE50 and AM50 (below) series of four-wheel and three-wheel electric cushion and pneumatic tire forklifts feature innovative engineering ideas to show Komatsu’s commitment to fulfilling customer needs, conserving or environment, and reducing total cost of ownership.
More information    –     Spec Sheet

Komatsu Electric Rider - AM50AM50 Series 3-Wheel – FB15M/18M /20M – 3,000 / 3,500 / 4,000 lb. Capacity – Cushion Tire  Komatsu electric rider.

Same as AE50 series above

More information     –     Spec Sheet

Komatsu Electric Rider - BBX50BBX50 Series – FB20/25/30/32 SHU – 4,000 – 6,500 lb. Capacity – Cushion Tire – Komatsu electric rider forklift.

Komatsu’s BBX50 series speaks directly to your bottom line with an extended model range and optional packages to handle your special application. Komatsu technology accelerates your productivity from Total AC power traction and hydraulic systems. It gives you more power, control, capacity and run time while reducing emissions and maintenance. Whether you are moving two loads or two thousand, you can count on Komatsu to meet the challenge of a demanding application.
More information   –   Spec Sheet

 Narrow Aisle – Battery Powered Single and Double Reach Forklift

FR50FR50 Series – Single Reach – FR18 /23 K – 3,500 / 4,500 Capacity Narrow Aisle Forklift
FR50 Series – Double Reach – FR15K – 3,000 Capacity Narrow Aisle Forklift

Komatsu’s FR Series of narrow aisle reach trucks feature new and innovative engineering ideas that show Komatsu’s commitment to conserving our environment and reducing your overall cost of ownership. AC drive and hydraulic controls offer smooth and efficient control of critical truck functions while giving you the extended run times and improved truck efficiencies. The rugged and heavy-duty mast and pantograph mechanism are built to handle the toughest work cycle.
More Information   –   Spec Sheet

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50+ Years of Design and Innovation

Taking a leadership role in innovation is what Komatsu is all about and what it is known for. Historic steps forward in design and technology have marked the advance of Komatsu products for the last 50 years. Komatsu’s “never stand still” philosophy keeps its’ engineers and design staff always striving to improve their products, never losing sight of what the end user requires. Innovation isn’t true innovation if it doesn’t allow the end user to perform better or achieve their goals.

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