Emergency LED
Warning Road Flares
Re-Chargeable | Re-usable

Emergency LED Warning Road Flares

These rechargeable road flares are designed with nine different flashing patterns, 16 amber LEDs and a visibility range of 1,000 ft. during the day and 3,000 ft. at night.

LED Emergency Road FlareThe lithium ion battery takes two to three hours to charge and the LED flare has a run time of  four to sixty hours (see chart below) depending on the flash pattern running. 

The rechargeable road flare comes in a six-piece kit with charging case or as a single flare.

These  flares are designed to replace traditional incendiary flares and plastic road reflectors. With a magnetic mounting base the flares are designed to be able to be used as a replacement for an emergency strobe and can be used to alert staff if a machine is down or work is being done in a high traffic area. The flares also can be placed on a piece of equipment to alert those around that it is in use.

LED Road Flares Applications & Benefits:

  • Store in vehicles for road emergencies
  • In plants for hazards or where maintenance work is being performed.
  • Small enough to carry while hiking in case of being lost.
  • Use in warehouses for skid replacement
  • Waterproof units can be stored in boat for water emergencies.  Good to 50′ depth.

LED Road Flares Specifications:

  • 24 LED’s visible up to half mile
  • Product dimensions: 10.5 cm x 3.5 cm  (4-1/8 in x 1-3/8 in)
  • Waterproof up to 50 feet
  • Corrosion proof and crush proof 
  • 360 degree lighting patterns
  • High strength magnet attaches to metal surfaces
  • Rechargeable Ion Battery – includes 120V charger, 12 volt auto charger and USB charger
  • Operating temperature: minus 40 degrees C to 60 degrees C
  • Nine flash patterns – including SOS morse code.
  • Flash times per charge:
Rotate – 7 hours
Quad Flash – 7 hours
Single Blink – 60 hours
Alternating Blinks – 7 hours
SOS morse code – 12 hours

Steady on high intensity – 4 hours
Steady on low intensity – 30 hours
Two LED flashlight – 7 hours
LED flashlight – 5 hours






Sold individually or as a package of 6 units.

 LED Emergency Road Flare  LED Emergency Road Flare Kit
000 350-X6000 000 350-X6006



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