New Forklift Inventory

New FORKLIFT Inventory List

Unicarriers – Komatsu – Blue GiantNew Forklifts

All lift trucks are supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  Warranty’s are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty provided.  All new forklifts come with LDI – truck certification completed.

Several financing methods are also available to assist you in acquiring the new forklift  you require.

For immediate assistance call us a 1-800-LIFTWAY (1-800-543-8929) to talk to a sales representative.

UNICARRIERS® – New Forklift Inventory

Discover the UniCarriers Difference

You’ll see the difference in UniCarriers forklifts from the very start — in the fit and finish of every forklift they manufacture.  And it’s a difference that will continue to grow over time — as you appreciate the value of the exclusive, innovative features that are only available on their forklifts…as you experience the superior uptime performance they deliver…and as you profit from the bottom-line advantages that come from running UniCarriers forklifts.

Unicarrier New ForkliftUnicarrier New lift truck
CapacityTypeModelMast InfoOptions Stock #
5,000 lbLPGAF50LP187″/83″Sideshiftcamera03-N5511
5,000 lbLPGPF50LP187/84″Sideshiftcamera03-N5471
5,000 lbDieselPFD50187″ / 84″Sideshiftcamera03-N5413
5,000 lbDieselPFD50187″ / 84″Sideshiftcamera03-N5414
8,000 lbLPGPF80YLP187″ / 90″Sideshiftcamera01-N386

UnicarriersStandard Warranty

KOMATSU  New Forklift Inventory

Komatsu Forklift makes a wide variety of forklifts to meet a diverse number of application needs. In addition, they provide world class aftermarket support and fleet management programs to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations. Please look through the website, and start a conversation about how using well-built and high quality Komatsu products can benefit you and your business.

Komatsu Pneumatic TireBX_seriesKomatsu DX Pneumatic forklift
CapacityTypeModelMast InfoOptions Stock #
 4,500 lbReachFR23K-3 3 stage 240″/107″ – 42″ forks Side Shiftcamera 01-N337
5,000 lbCushion TireFG25ST-163 stage 188″ / 85″ – 48″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N469
 5,000 lbCushion TireFG25ST-163 stage 188″ / 85″ – 48″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N359
5,000 lbCushion TireFG25ST-163 stage 188″ / 85″ – 48″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N391
5,000 lbCushion TireFG25ST-163 stage 188″ / 85″ – 48″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N392
 5,000 lbResilient TireFG25T-163 stage 188″ / 85″ = 48″ forksSide Shiftcamera 01-N361
5,000 lbPneumaticFG25T-163 stage 188″ / 88″ 42″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N434
5,000 lbPneumaticFG25T-163 stage 188″ / 88″ 48″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N376
5,000 lbPneumaticFG25T-163 stage 188″ / 88″ – 48″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N374
5,000 lbResilient TireFG25T-163 stage – 188″ / 88″ – 42″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N393
5,000 lbPneumaticFG25T-163 stage – 188″ / 88″ – 42″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N394
5,000 lbNM-ResilientFG25T-163 stage – 188″ / 88″ – 42″ forksSide Shiftcamera01-N402

 Komatsu Forklifts – Standard Warranty

LiuGong – Forklift Inventory

Liu Gong New Forklift CLG2030H-3Liu Gong New ForkliftLiu Gong New Forklift
CapacityTypeModelMast InfoOptions Stock #
6,000 lbPneumatic – DieselCLG2030H-33 stage 88″-188″ – 48″ forksSide Shift – 4th valvecamera01-N506


BLUE GIANT Material Handling Equipment

Blue Giant EPJ-30_1Blue Giant EPJ-40
CapacityTypeModelMast InfoOptions Stock #
3,000 lbBlue Giant Power Pallet TruckEPJ-3027″ Wide x 45″ length24 volt – w/chargercamera01-N472
3,000 lbBlue Giant Power Pallet TruckEPJ-3027″ Wide x 45″ length24 volt – w/chargercamera01-N473
3,000 lbBlue Giant Power Pallet TruckEPJ-3027″ Wide x 45″ length24 volt – w/chargercamera01-N474
4,000 lbBlue Giant Power Pallet TruckEPJ4027″ Wide x 45″ length24 volt – w/chargercamera01-N405

For more information or to request a quote Contact us @ 1-800-543-8929 or click the Get Quote button at the top of the screen.

Ontario Forklifts Sales & Service Areas:

We provide new and used material handling equipment, service, forklift operator training and lift truck parts for the following areas. Also provided are on-call, on-site, pickup and delivery. We also provide forklift maintenance plans, rentals and dock loading equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in the selection of the proper safety equipment for your plant as well.

Don’t forget that we can provide rentals, upon request and while your equipment is being serviced.

Brantford Sales & Service Area: google_maps_con

Brantford, Paris, St. George, Burford and surrounding communities

Simcoe Sales & Service Area:google_maps_con

Simcoe, Waterford, Delhi, Caledonia, Cayuga and surrounding communities

Chatham – Kent  Service Area:google_maps_con

London, Chatham, Windsor, Tilbury, Sarnia and surrounding communities

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Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, and surrounding communities

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Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, Ayr, Cambridge and surrounding communities


Woodstock Service Area:

Woodstock, Ontario, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and surrounding communities

The following Services are offered at all locations:

New Equipment Sales, Used Equipment Sales, Material Handling Rentals, Forklift Service & Repairs, Forklift Maintenance Programs, Material Handling Parts (for all models and ages), Driver Operator Training