EX50 Series – Pneumatic
22000 to 35000 lb cap.

Komatsu EX50 Series Forklift

Komatsu – EX50 Series – Diesel Powered Pneumatic Forklift

Komatsu EX50 series models: FD100T-8 – 22,000 lb capacity,  FD115T-8 – 25,000 lb capacity, FD135T-8 – 30,000 lb capacity and FD160ET-8 – 35,000 lb. capacity

Komatsu puts its technologies and know-how into the design and construction of the EX50 series engine. With its four key, cutting edge technologies, the engine provides better fuel efficiency, maximum productivity, and lowered operating costs. The wet disc brake system offers increased durability in even the toughest work environments. The Komatu EX50’s excellent visibility, operator comfort and ease of operation are all designed to deliver greater operator productivity and efficiency.

Komatsu Forklift Product Selection Guide.

Komatsu EX50 series Truck Brochure

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Komatsu Wet Disc Brake System

The EX50 pneumatic forklift features a standard wet disc brake system that offers improved durability and performance over a traditional drum brake. Due to its dustproof and waterproof enclosed design, the wet disc brake system can deliver high durability, resulting in reduced maintenance costs over time. Regardless of your working conditions, the wet disc brake system can have a positive impact on overall operating costs.

Komatsu Hydraulic Suspension Cab HSC

Komatsu’s HSC mount system raises the operator’s cab from the vehicle chassis with a hydraulic suspension system that absorbs most operational vibration. This greatly helps improve operator comfort to reduce fatigue even during long work shifts.

Heavy Duty HPCR System

High pressure compressed fuel is stored in an accumulator chamber called a common rail. The fuel is injected into each cylinder at the proper time by an ECU (electronic controlled unit). This high pressure compression rail system optimizes fuel burn and greatly reduces fuel consumption.

KOPS Plus Komatsu Operator Presence System

KOPS Plus – standard on the Komatsu EX50 – locks out lift, lower, tilt and traveling functions when the operator leaves the seat for more than three seconds. They do not resume until the operator returns to the seat and resets the controls. A flashing yellow warning light alerts the operator when the KOPS lock is activated. In addition, the forks cannot be lowered while the key is in the off position.

Enhanced Operator Visibility

Operational visibility is greatly enhanced through improvements of the shape of the top of the counterweight and through an increased distance between the inner mast rails. Rearward visibility has been improved through a downward angle to the top edge of the counterweight. Also, forward visibility has been improved by repositioning the lift chains to the outside rail.

Highly Rigid Frame

A highly rigid frame enhances truck durability and load handling performance. Use of a main frame structure that consists of a single piece of thick plate steel provides high rigidity against twisting caused by static steering, turning, or uneven surfaces resulting in excellent truck durability and load-handling performance.

Ease of Serviceability

The EX50’s large fuel tank reduces the need for frequent fill-ups and easy-to-see inspection windows show fuel and oil levels. A unique air cleaner automatically ejects airborne dust to reduce clogging of the filter element, thus improving suction efficiency and improving filter element life. A reserve tank for engine coolant keeps the system at a constant level and eliminates the need for frequent refills.


Automatic “Autoshift” Torqueflow Transmission
Wet Disc Brake System
UL Specification
Turn Signal Lamps
Charge Warning Lamps
Safety Checker Hourmeter
Torque Converter Oil Temperature Gauge
Neutral Safety Switch
Brake Oil Pressure Warning Buzzer
Torque Converter Oil Cooler
Tiltable Steering Column
Full Suspension Seat – Vinyl
Overhead Guard
Drawbar Pin
Cyclonic Air Cleaner
Notch-release Parking Brake


Cold Climate Protection
Rotating Light
Rear Work Light
Load Indicator
Special Length Forks
Air Cleaner with Pre-cleaner
Spark Arrester 
Rear Under Mirror
Steel Cabin
Air Conditioner
Swivel Seat
Locking Fuel Cap
Rearview Mirrors
Back-up Alarm
Amber Strobe Light
Tilt Cylinder Boots
Steer Cylinder Boots
Solid Pneumatic Tires



Power TypeDieselDieselDieselDiesel
Operation TypeSit-DownSit-DownSit-DownSit-Down
Rated Capacity22,000 lbs25,000 lbs30,000 lbs35,000 lbs
Rated Load Center24 in24 in24 in24 in
Load Distance, Front
Axle to Fork Face
27.4 in28.1 in29.1 in29.5 in
Wheelbase110.2 in110.2 in122 in122 in


Service Weight28,620 lbs31,660 lbs34,130 lbs37,920 in
Axle Loading – Loaded Front45,990 lbs51,790 lbs58,310 lbs66,450 lbs
Axle Loading – Loaded Rear4,670 lbs5,220 lbs5,580 lbs6,750 lbs
Axle Loading – Unloaded Front13,730 lbs14,530 lbs15,670 lbs15,810 lbs
Axle Loading – Unloaded Rear14,880 lbs17,130 lbs18,450 lbs22,110 lbs


Tire TypePneumaticPneumaticPneumaticPneumatic
Tire Size – Front9 – 20 – 14PR (I)10 – 20 – 14PR (I)11 – 20 – 14PR (I)12 – 20 – 16PR (I)
Tire Size – Rear9 – 20 – 14PR (I)10 – 20 – 14PR (I)11 – 20 – 14PR (I)12 – 20 – 16PR (I)
Number of Wheels, Front/Rear4X / 24X / 24X / 24X / 2
Tread – Front66.9 in66.9 in69.7 in69.7 in
Tread – Rear74.8 in74.4 in74.7 in73.6 in


Tilting Angle, Forward/Backward6 / 12 deg6 / 12 deg6 / 12 deg6 / 12 deg
Mast Height – Lowered113.8 in124.4 in124.8 in129.5 in
Mast Height – Extended173.2 in183.9 in184.3 in189 in
Free Lift Height0 in0 in0 in0 in
Standard Lift Height118 in118 in118 in118 in
Height Overhead Guard109.4 in110.2 in110.6 in111.4 in
Length, with Standard Forks215.2 in216.7 in230.7 in237 in
Length to Fork Face167.1 in168.7 in182.7 in189 in
Overall Width at Drive Tires89.8 in90.9 in94.9 in97.6 in
Forks, Thickness x Width x Length3 x 6.7 x 48 in3 x 7.3 x 48 in3.1 x 7.3 x 48 in3.3 x 8.3 x 48 in
Carriage Width/
ITA Class
84.3 in / Pin Mount84.3 in / Pin Mount86.6 in / Pin Mount86.6 in / Pin Mount
Ground Clearance, Under Mast9.8 in9.8 in10.2 in10.6 in
Ground Clearance, Center of Wheelbase12.8 in13.6 in13.8 in14.6 in
Right Angle Stacking240.7 in241.9 in254.3 in262.6 in
Turning Radius, Outside157.5 in157.9 in169.3 in177.2 in


Travel Speed, Loaded 1st/2nd/3rd5.3 / 11.2 / 17.4 mph5.3 / 11.8 / 17.4 mph5.6 / 12.1 / 17.1 mph5.9 / 12.4 / 17.4 mph
Travel Speed, Unloaded 1st/2nd/3rd5.6 / 12.4 / 19.9 mph5.6 / 13.0 / 19.9 mph5.9 / 13.0 / 20.2 mph6.2 / 13.4 / 20.5 mph
Lifting Speed, Loaded/Unloaded93 / 98 fpm85 / 89 fpm69 / 74 fpm63 / 68 fpm
Lowering Speed, Loaded/Unloaded78.7 / 98.4 fpm78.7 / 98.4 fpm78.7 / 98.4 fpm79 / 79 fpm
Maximum Drawbar Pull, Loaded23,800 lbs23,300 lbs22,700 lbs21,170 lbs
Maximum Gradeability38%32%27%22%
Service Brake, Operation/ControlFoot / Hydraulic, PoweredFoot / Hydraulic, PoweredFoot / Hydraulic, PoweredFoot / Hydraulic, Powered
Parking Brake, Operation/ControlHand / MechanicalHand / MechanicalHand / MechanicalHand / Mechanical
Steering TypeHydraulic Power SteeringHydraulic Power SteeringHydraulic Power SteeringHydraulic Power Steering


Engine Manufacturer /
Engine Model
Komatsu SAA6D107E-1Komatsu SAA6D107E-1Komatsu SAA6D107E-1Komatsu SAA6D107E-1
Rated Output (SAE Net)164 HP @ 2,200 rpm164 HP @ 2,200 rpm164 HP @ 2,200 rpm164 HP @ 2,200 rpm
Maximum Torque (SAE Net)424 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm424 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm424 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm424 lb-ft @ 1,600 rpm
# of Cylinders / Displacement6 / 408 cu in6 / 408 cu in6 / 408 cu in6 / 408 cu in
Fuel Tank Capacity68.7 US Gallons68.7 US Gallons74 US Gallons74 US Gallons


Battery, Voltage/Capacity24 V / 80 Ah24 V / 80 Ah24 V / 80 Ah24 V / 80 Ah
Relief Pressure, Maximum3,118 psi3,118 psi3,118 psi3,118 psi
Hydraulic Tank Capacity48 US Gallons48 US Gallons55 US Gallons55 US Gallons
ClutchTorque ConvertorTorque ConvertorTorque ConvertorTorque Convertor


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