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Points of Concern When Choosing Lift Truck Forks

Choosing the correct fork helps to prevent damage to your goods, lift truck and infrastructure and provide the most efficient operation of your forklift.

How exactly do you choose the right fork? Below we will guide you through the major questions you should ask yourself.

What is the capacity of your forklift?

What type of lift truck forks you need depends on the capacity of the lift truck. If this capacity is 2 tons, then you also need forks that can lift 2 tons. The fork guide below determines how much a lift truck fork can carry. This is the thickness and the width of the forks. The larger the fork width and thickness, the more weight the forks can carry.   You should always check the capacity plate on the forklift as well as the load centre of the goods carrying.  Fork extensions can be an option if larger size items are being handled from time to time.

What type of fork do you need?

The fork carriage / attachment determines what type of fork you can mount on it. Heavier machines usually use PIN forks, but there are also other many other types.   Check the guide below to determine what will work best for your application.

How high is the fork carriage of your lift truck?

The height of the fork carriage also determines what lift truck fork you should choose. This especially applies to FEM and DIN forks. Standard FEM forks exist in 5 different carriage heights, and each carriage height also exists in 2 different ground clearances. This is the difference from the inside of the bottom fork hook to the ground. For non-standard FEM and DIN forks you always need to take into account the dimensions of the carriage and the ground clearance. 

What length do the forks need to have?

The length of the forks depends on the dimensions of the goods you transport.  Fork extensions can be an option if larger size items are being handled from time to time.

Do you have any other specific requirements?

In certain industries, it is necessary to equip your lift trucks with many special options or features,  check the Fork Facts below to determine your requirements.

2018 ForkFacts-print-01


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