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Forklift Driver Training Course Copy

Liftway Forklift Driver Training Course Schedules

Are your forklift drivers certified or have their licenses expired?  Liftway offers driver training courses for the following applications – Electric and Internal Combustion Lift Trucks, Scissor and Manlifts, Zoom Booms and Personnel Carriers.  Let our Certified Forklift Instructor train your employees to be licensed to operate your lift trucks in a safe and productive manner.  Don’t risk operating with untrained forklift drivers and face severe fines and penalties.  Our Forklift Driver Training Program will provide your forklift drivers with the knowledge and skills to competently and confidently operate your forklift trucks.

If you have multiple people requiring training we can arrange training at your location.

Driver Training – Brantford: Course dates

 Next Course Date: September 11th, 2018 @ 9 am.   Future scheduled dates are October 9th & November 6th.            

LocationGoogle Maps - Liftway Brantford: 479 Brant County Rd. 18, Brantford, ON – Liftway classroom


Driver Training  – Chatham: Course dates

Next Course Date: September 18th, 2018 – 9 am.  Future scheduled dates are October 16th and November 13th.

LocationGoogle Maps - Liftway Chatham: Comfort Inn, 1100 Richmond St., Chatham (theory & written). Practical training across the street at Liftway shop.


Courses can be performed at your location or at our premises on a scheduled basis.   Re-certification refresher training courses are offered at a lower cost that the fee for inexperienced drivers. All forklift driver licences must be re-certified every 3 years. Please call Lily for a quote to re-train your drivers to ensure your forklift drivers’ licenses don’t expire.

Update your forklift driver’s licenses before it expires.

Forklift Driver Training incident

Forklift Driver Training for experienced and Non Experienced Operators  (5-6 hour course).  Must have proof of previous training (certificate or expired permit or letter from employer stating you have experience but no certificate)

You may not be aware that the CSA recommends:  6.21.1 Retraining – Operators of forklifts shall receive retraining at intervals not exceeding three years. Retraining shall meet the requirements of Clause 6 (Operator Training).

(Forklift safety course Certificate and permit issued the same day)

Liftway Limited also offers a train the trainer course.  For more information click on the course outline page below.


Course Outline

Make sure your forklift drivers have current valid licenses.

Forklift Driver Training


Visit the link below to watch a short video regarding driver training information.  OSHA estimates that tens of thousands of employees are injured or killed annually due to forklift accidents. OSHA requires all employees to be trained before driving a forklift.  Training should include classroom sessions, hands on driving and a driving evaluation.

For more information or to request a quote Call us @ 1-800-543-8929 or click the  GET QUOTE  button at the top of the screen.

Ontario Forklifts Sales & Service Areas:

We provide new and used material handling equipment, service, forklift operator training and lift truck parts for the following areas. Also provided are on-call, on-site, pickup and delivery. We also provide forklift maintenance plans, rentals and dock loading equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in the selection of the proper safety equipment for your plant as well.

Don’t forget that we can provide rentals, upon request and while your equipment is being serviced.

Brantford Sales & Service Area: google_maps_con

Brantford, Paris, St. George, Burford and surrounding communities

Simcoe Sales & Service Area:google_maps_con

Simcoe, Waterford, Delhi, Caledonia, Cayuga and surrounding communities

Chatham – Kent  Service Area:google_maps_con

London, Chatham, Windsor, Tilbury, Sarnia and surrounding communities

Greater Hamilton Area:google_maps_con

Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, and surrounding communities

Cambridge Area:google_maps_con

Kitchener, Guelph, Waterloo, Ayr, Cambridge and surrounding communities


Woodstock Service Area:

Woodstock, Ontario, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll and surrounding communities

The following Services are offered at all locations:

New Equipment Sales, Used Equipment Sales, Material Handling Rentals, Forklift Service & Repairs, Forklift Maintenance Programs, Material Handling Parts (for all models and ages), Driver Operator Training