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Forklift Driver Training – Course Outline


As part of our commitment to forklift safety Liftway Limited offers Forklift Driver Training. This program  is comprised of a  theoretical classroom session and test and practical forklift driver training component and upon successful completion the student receives their certificate to operate the specific classes of lift trucks that have been covered. If a participant requires additional assistance that will be communicated to them and further training will be scheduled at the most convenient and appropriate location (Liftway or Employer’s site).


Liftway forklift driver traing program classroom

Classification of lift trucks

  • Identify the various categories of lift trucks and their application

Main components of lift trucks

  • Name the major components of the lift truck
  • Become familiar with Industry terminology

Engineering principles

  • Study the Importance of Stability Triangle

Capacity plates

  • Understanding and interpreting the capacity plate
  • Calculating Load Centres
  • Discover different containers

Pre-operational Checks

  • In depth review of the process importance of Pre-operational Checklist
  • Familiarize with forms

Safe operating guidelines and legislation

  • Gain knowledge regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Rules
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Safe Operation of forklifts

Care and Maintenance of lift truck batteries – Electric Trucks

Propane and Lift trucks


Train the Trainer

Orientation to provide in-house forklift driver training safety program to meet the CSA safety standard and Ministry of Labour guidelines.
Liftway offers guidance to implement forklift safety program by assisting to train a coordinator and supplying all necessary materials.
In order to accomplish this we recommend a hand on approach to walk the instructor through a training seminar which includes the following which satisfies the Ministry of Labour guidelines.

1-  Plant walk around to identify forklift hazards in the work place
2-  Cover legislation and right to refuse unsafe work, and how to identify it
3-  Pre-operational and safety inspections, identify main components of lift trucks
4-  Engineering principals (how to keep our forklift up right)
5-  Lift truck Capacity plates and how to read them
6-  Safe operating guidelines
7-  Setting up a class to include written test and practical testing on obstacle course
8-  Fuels: Propane cylinder exchange and related fuel considerations

Cost for the instructor orientation and material ……………..….$ 1,890.00 plus HST

This orientation training requires 1 full day.

The instructor will sit in on the first class when the trained trainer conducts his first class for guidance and support for no additional cost.

Please note: Once your instructor has his certificate he can only train in-house for your company.

Forklift Driver Training –   Future scheduled dates


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We provide new and used material handling equipment, service, forklift operator training and lift truck parts for the following areas. Also provided are on-call, on-site, pickup and delivery. We also provide forklift maintenance plans, rentals and dock loading equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in the selection of the proper safety equipment for your plant as well.

Don’t forget that we can provide rentals, upon request and while your equipment is being serviced.