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CASCADE FORKS – Tradition of Quality

Cascade, the leader in ITA forks and custom forks has been manufacturing forks for over 60 years.  Cascade operates six fork manufacturing plants worldwide.  Standard and custom forks are produced in capacities up to 60 tons.

Only fully tested and approved materials are used in the manufacture of Cascade forks.  Quality materials combined with fully controlled processes result in a product that meet or exceed all national and international standards, with regards to mounting details, load, fatigue and impact tests.

Cascade offers a wide range of standard forks, together with customized design specifications.

  • Standard FEM/ITA Forks
  • Fork sizingTube Forks
  • Bolt on Forks
  • Hydraulic Attachment Forks
  • Quick Disconnect Forks
  • Spark Resistant Brass Clad Forks
  • Lumber Forks
  • Inverted Forks
  • Folding Forks
  • Boom and Carpet Pole Attachments
  • Cladded Forks
  • Fork Extensions
  • Fork Scales



Standard Economy type ITA forks are also available for budget conscious applications

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FORK INSPECTION – Tips & Guidelines

Forks will last a long time if treated properly.  They can look as good as new but still be worn, that’s why it is critical to know how to inspect them to determine if they are indeed safe.  The Industrial Truck Association and fork manufacturers suggest that the forks be replaced when the thickness of the blade has worn 10% from the original size.  To perform this inspection an inexpensive caliper can be used to check the wear on your existing forks.  Below is a step-by-step procedure how simple the process is….read more



Ontario Forklifts Sales & Service Areas:

We provide new and used material handling equipment, service, forklift operator training and lift truck parts for the following areas. Also provided are on-call, on-site, pickup and delivery. We also provide forklift maintenance plans, rentals and dock loading equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in the selection of the proper safety equipment for your plant as well.

Don’t forget that we can provide rentals, upon request and while your equipment is being serviced.


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