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Keep on the Cutting Edge with Cascade

Everyday at Cascade  they strive to create solutions that specifically address your needs. That means they’re always listening to customer feedback and keeping a close eye on industry trends, making sure that the products they offer can deliver the latest in efficiency and productivity. Their latest products include a variety of attachments and options, designed both to solve unique challenges and open up new possibilities across industries. Find out how these Cascade solutions can help you:

 Work Smarter with Cascade Forks with Sound Shield

The excess noise that comes from fork chatter can add stress to a work environment, especially with many forklifts operating at one site. Now, Cascade Sound Shield™ can help. Sound Shield utilizes forks with nylon inserts that guarantee a secure fit on the truck and reduce the vibrations that lead to noise pollution, providing a more peaceful working environment. Especially useful for warehousing, distribution, and applications with electric trucks or AGVs, Cascade Sound Shield is an easy way to improve the quality of your work while reducing the wear on forks and carriages that comes from excess movement. It’s also perfect for use near properties where early morning or evening deliveries require minimal noise.

Boost Your Handling Speed with RapidSync-Enabled Multi-Pallet Handlers

When it comes to multi-pallet handling, speed and precision are key. RapidSync is a new hydraulic option from Cascade, available on Single-Double Pallet Handlers, that improves handling speeds. With RapidSync, you can position the multi-pallet handler forks up to 35% faster than competitor models, allowing you to get more product out the door quicker. RapidSync also ensures that the arm movements are perfectly synchronized. A driver never has to interrupt their workflow in order to resynchronize the forks, saving energy and increasing the efficiency of the attachment. This patented technology, which can even be installed on existing field units, is a great way to operate your Single-Double with new levels of productivity.

MLH_RapidSync US

Reach New Heights of Productivity with Sensor Forks

One of our latest smart solutions, Cascade Sensor Forks, are perfect for fast paced e-commerce applications and warehouse environments where ultimate visibility is needed for those hard to reach places. These forks come with a built-in digital camera and sensor package, which provide the driver with incredible visibility of fork placement, even under low-light conditions. A high quality video is transmitted via Wi-Fi from the tip of the fork, along with signals from sensors that detect objects above the forks as well as proximity to the load, to a truck-mounted display. No over the mast wiring or cable reel is required. This next-level handling awareness can help operators eliminate overdriving loads, reducing the risk of fork punctures and costly product damage. The improved visibility that comes with Sensor Forks is a great advantage for just about any operation; operators can save time and effort by reading the label on a high up bin, crate or pallet before picking it from its rack. The uses cover a wide range of industries, including logistics, warehousing, food and beverage, manufacturing, and especially any application in low-light conditions or high-racking environments.

To answer the specific needs of our customers, Sensor Forks are available with several options, including a new, low profile model that allows for flexible installation and compatibility with certain load backrests.  Standard Sensor Forks connect to the display using Wi-Fi and incorporate cross-talk protection that allows for 25+ units to be used at a single site without signal interruption – but a hard-wired version is also available for environments that aren’t compatible with Wi-Fi systems.


J-Series Sliding Arm Clamps: Reliably Powerful Performance

Our top-of-the-line Sliding Arm Clamps are now available in their latest iteration – the J-Series.  These clamps may be easy to use, but their design is cutting edge. The hydraulic system is incredibly energy efficient and each clamp comes standard with an adjustable pressure relief valve.  A high-strength frame design makes each clamp a durable, long-lasting tool that can stand up to even the most rugged conditions. The arm bearings, made with UHMW poly and lubrication free, are so reliable that Cascade stands behind them with an industry-leading, 10,000-hour guarantee. Optimal visibility through the frame increases accuracy of load handling and helps improve productivity. Best of all, J-Series Clamps are available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs in a wide range of industries, with arms designed for handling boxes, crates, bales, textiles, recycling, and more. Work with a J-Series Clamp and you’ll find that they’re one of the most reliable and productive solutions available.

As the standards of technology in materials handling evolve, so do Cascade’s solutions. Our growing line of all-electric attachments, from our Electric Sideshifter to our Electric Multiple Load Handler, as well as our AGV-ready solutions, are efficient and effective options that customers are using to adapt their fleets to new systems. Stay tuned for more exciting innovations from Cascade in future editions of Forklift Action. Our work with partners across the materials handling industry has led to new and interesting products with great practical applications. Whatever comes next, you can be sure that Cascade will continue to build the tools that meet customer needs and help overcome your greatest challenges.

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