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FR50 Komatsu Series Narrow Aisle Forklift

Komatsu’s FR Series of narrow aisle reach trucks feature new and innovative engineering ideas that show Komatsu’s commitment to conserving our environment and reducing your overall cost of ownership. AC drive and hydraulic controls offer smooth and efficient control of critical truck functions while giving you the extended run times and improved truck efficiencies. The rugged and heavy-duty mast and pantograph mechanism are built to handle the toughest work cycle.

A New Level of Operator Comfort

The Komatsu narrow aisle reach truck has a low step height, spacious cushioned floorboard and ample padding for greater levels of operator productivity while remaining alert and ready to work. The side-stance operator positioning provides maximum visibility for both loading and directional travel. The short steer arm and electrical steer-by-wire technology offer effortless maneuvering along with the multi-function control handle for speed and hydraulic functions.

Proportional Hydraulic Control Valve System

Oil flow is accurately measured and infinitely controlled through a combination of the truck controller and the proportional control valve. Infinitely variable hydraulic control speed allows for smooth, full-feathering of hydraulic movements as well as minimal shocks, making the FR series idea for handling sensitive and fragile materials.

Electric Disc Brake System

An electric disc brake system on top of the drive motor armature shaft provides for smooth and consistent stops when releasing the brake pedal. The operator steps down on the rubber cushioned, floor mounted brake pedal and electrically releases the brake. When the operator steps of the truck, the raised pedal automatically applies the parking brake.

Komatsu Advanced AC Technology

The KICS AC control system has an advanced technology AC drive motor and an AC hydraulic motor to achieve high performance with minimal costs. The AC motor eliminates the need for motor brush checks or replacements and provides high operating efficiency for longer run times than conventional DC type motors.

Quick and Simple Serviceability

FR Series models feature a start-up diagnostic system at power-on to check all major components and systems prior to unit operation. The control system has a built-in analyzer that can provide feedback on fault detection and other diagnostics. Other simplified maintenance include: easily removable lift-off panels, swing-open side door for drive motor and brake access, bolt-on outrigger toe boxes and frame cut-out for easy tire replacement.

Heavy Duty Mast and Reach Carriage

The Komatsu FR Series uses tested and reliable components to reduce your overall cost of operation. The three stage mast and reach carriage features a rugged design that will deliver dependable service for the long haul. Mast features include: interlocking channel and I-beam design, hydraulic cushioning with the retract function for fragile load protection, and welded outriggers to the mast outer channel for added strength and support.

Keypad Communication

A keypad on the dash communicates truck settings and on-board diagnostics. Truck performance settings can be adjusted through the keypad to achieve optimal performance parameters for your application needs. The keypad also displays state-of-battery charge, time of day and travel speed.



Power Type Electric Electric Electric
Operation Type Stand-Up Stand-Up Stand-Up
Capacity @ 24 in. (600mm) Load Center 3,500 lbs 4,500 lbs 3,000 lbs


WEIGHT FR18K-3 FR23K-3 FR15K-3
Service Weight 6,005 lbs 6,420 lbs 6,715 lbs

Tires and Wheels

Drive Tire Size – Cushion Rubber 13 x 5.5 in 13 x 5.5 in 13 x 5.5 in
Caster Wheel Size – Dual Polyurethrane 7 x 2.87 in 7 x 2.87 in 7 x 2.87 in
Load Wheel Size – Tandem Polyurethrane x 2 5 x 4 in 5 x 4 in 5 x 4 in


Tilting Angle, Forward/Backward 3 / 4 deg 3 / 4 deg 3 / 4 deg
Mast Height Lowered 95 in 95 in 95 in
Extended 260.3 in 260.3 in 260.3 in
Free Lift Height 47.0 in 47.2 in 47 in
Maximum Fork Height 210 in 210 in 210 in
Height Overhead Guard 93.5 in 93.5 in 93.5 in
Length, with Standard Forks 96.1 in 97.6 in 103.9 in
Length to Fork Face – Carriage Retracted 54.1 in 55.6 in 61.9 in
Maximum Reach Stroke 22.8 in 22.4 in 40.2 in
Overall Width, Outrigger I.D. (Min-Max) 33-50 in 33-50 in 33-50 in
Overall Width, Outrigger O.D. (Min-Max) 44-61 in 44-60 in 44-60 in
Forks, Thickness x Width x Length 1.5 x 4 x 42 in 1.75 x 4 x 42 in 1.5 x 4 x 42 in
Carriage Width/ITA Class 31.5 in / II 31.5 in / II 31.5 in / II
Step Height 9.3 in 9.3 in 9.3 in
Ground Clearance, Under Mast 2 in 2 in 2 in
Ground Clearance, Center of Wheelbase 2 in 2 in 2 in
Wheelbase 59 in 60.1 in 62 in
Right Angle Stacking Aisle 100 in 102 in 108 in
Turning Radius, Outside 69.4 in 70.4 in 72.4 in


Travel Speed Loaded, Forks Leading/Trailing 6.4 / 7.2 mph 6.4 / 7.2 mph 6.4 / 7.2 mph
Travel Speed Unloaded, Forks Leading/Trailing 6.4 / 7.2 mph 6.4 / 7.2 mph 6.4 / 7.2 mph
Lifting Speed, Loaded/Unloaded 70 / 120 fpm 70 / 120 fpm 70 / 120 fpm
Lowering Speed, Loaded/Unloaded 95 / 87 fpm 95 / 87 fpm 95 / 95 fpm


MOTORS FR18K-3 FR23K-3 FR15K-3
Drive Motor (AC) 8 HP 8 HP 8 HP
Pump Motor (AC) 18.8 HP 18.8 HP 18.8 HP
Power Steering Motor (DC) 0.5 HP 0.5 HP 0.5 HP


Battery Voltage 36 V 36 V 36 V
Battery Capacity, Maximum 930 Ah/6hr 930 Ah/6hr 930 Ah/6hr
Battery Compartment Length 16.4 in 16.4 in 16.4 in
Width 38.7 in 38.7 in 38.7 in
Height 32 in 32 in 32 in
Battery Weight, Minumum 2,060 lbs 2,060 lbs 2,060 lbs
Battery Weight, Maximum 2,305 lbs 2,305 lbs 2,305 lbs


OTHER FR18K-3 FR23K-3 FR15K-3
Drive Motor Control AC Inverter AC Inverter AC Inverter
Pump Motor Control AC Inverter AC Inverter AC Inverter
Power Steering Motor Control Transistor Chopper Transistor Chopper Transistor Chopper
Steering Type On-Demand, Electric On-Demand, Electric On-Demand, Electric


AC Motor Controller with Built in Self-Diagnostics
Multi-function LED Display
Battery Discharge Indicator with Lift Interrupt
4 Individual Hour Meter Readings
Multi-function Control Handle
Emergency Power Disconnect Switch
Motor and Controller Temperature Protection
AC Drive Motor
Battery Compartment Rollers and Side Gates
48″ High Load Backrest
33″ – 50″ I.D. Base Legs
5″ x 4″ Tandem Load Wheels
Operator Presence Pedal with Mast Lockout and Return-to-Neutral
Brake Pedal (Depress to Travel)
On-demand Electronic Power Steering
Small Radius Tiller Control
Steer Tire Position Indicator
4-mode Regen Braking
Automatic Parking Brake with Anti-rollback
AC Hydraulic Pump Motor
Proportional Lift and Lower
90 Degree Operator Side Stance
Anti-fatigue Arm, Knees and Back Padding
Adjustable Operator Backrest Cushion
Safety Glass Mast Guard


Automatic Fork Height Selector
Digital Fork Height Indicator
UL ‘EE’ Rating
10.5″ x 4″ Single Load Wheels
5″ x 3″ Tandem Low Profile Load Wheels
Tapered Outrigger Tips (Load Wheel Guard)
Operator Fan and Light
Front or Rear Work Lights
Strobe Lights
Wire Mesh Mast Guard


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