LaserForks – Fork Alignment Guide

Lift truck fork alignment guide

Improve efficiency with handling products and skids in your warehouse and building environment as well as lower costs due to forks damaging materials the LaserForks may be just the product for you. LaserForks is a North American made product distributed in Canada by Liftway Limited.


LaserForks was developed after years of witnessing damage, accidents and injury caused by blind forklift operation. The design of the LaserForks tool is simple, if you can see your target, you can easily lift it, move it and place it without incident. Accuracy is important in handling goods in any forklift operation.


LaserForks was developed to assist the forklift driver in seeing where the tips of his forks are and where they will go.  It is done using a laser line projected where the forks are pointed.  The laserforks unit is amazing in the time saved each time you pick up a pallet.  Gain hours of additional time by shortening handling times per pallet.


The Laserforks unit installs easily and universally to the forklift carriage face in under 5 minutes and can be mounted on almost every brand of forklift.  Laserforks will pay for itself by quickly saving time handling your goods as well as minimize damage to skids, racking and the forklift itself.


Hit the mark every time with LaserForks, eliminate missed targets and damaged products with our precision laser.


Choose the right product for your industry. LaserForks is ideal for warehousing, industrial environments and lumberyards.


Reduce loss, damage and accidents for both people and goods. LaserForks is the tool you want on your forklifts that significantly reduces injury and product loss. Falling pallets will become a thing of the past, which essentially increases profitability and the high cost of on-the-job injuries.

Laserforks - laser line

Simple Installation

LaserForks uses a simple mounting system that takes just a few minutes to install. Our installation instructions (download link) make adjustments for your specific model of forklift easy.

Long Battery Life Equals Value

Included with your LaserForks unit is a Li-Ion battery and charger. The charger plugs into any standard 110-Volt outlet for ease of use. Built-in protection ensures against excessive heat or overcharging of the battery during its charge state for maximum battery life. Most LaserForks clients get anywhere from one to three months usage from one complete charge. Good for over 2,000 charges, the Li-Ion battery should last for many years.

LaserForks Design

LaserForks mount directly bewtween your forks/tines, and mount using an easy adjustable slider system to mount it to the forklifts fork baseplate.The laser beam is a horizontal FAN shaped line.You can easily adjust the laser beam up and down to make level to your fork blades, and even bent fork blades can still be used easily with LaserForks.

LaserForks are manufactured in the United States with the utmost attention to detail and superior quality.


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