LIFT TABLES – What’s right for you!

LIFT TABLES – What type is right for your application?

A Lift Table sometimes referred to as a work platform is a device that utilizes a scissors mechanism in conjunction with hydraulic cylinders or pneumatic bladders.

Hydraulic Lift Table Pneumatic Lift Table

The primary function of lift tables is are to raise or lower goods to different heights.  This could be to provide the optimum height for someone ergonomically working on a product or packaging items.  Lifting tables  manufactured to lift almost anything from 500 lb and up to meet your company’s requirements.

As well as regular steel, lift tables can be manufactured in galvanized  or stainless steel for specific environmental applications.  The table top can be fitted with features such as a turntable or conveyor to more easily transfer and or rotate the load on and off an assembly line.

Safety items such such as limit and tape switches to shut down or restrict lifting heights.  A bellows skirt can be installed to protect against items from getting caught in the scissor mechanism.

Lift tables are normally hydraulically operated using an electric motor to power the hydraulic pump but they can be fitted with air bags instead using an air pressure source.

Liftway can customize a table to best suit your company’s requirements making you work environment a more ergonomic facility to maximize efficiency and safety for your employees.

Portable Light Duty Tables

Portable light duty pump

Portable light duty tables allows the person the ability to transport the product as well as raise and lower to the optimum work height.  This may also decrease the chance of a back injury.   There load capacity would be limited to up 1,500 lb.  These units are normally powered by the use of the foot pump or with a electric motor and battery. These units are also available as Stationary Light Duty Tables.

Standard Duty Lift Tables


Standard lift tables are used to raise and lower heavier products to different working heights.  Standard capacity tables would be applicable to loads from 2,000 lb to 6,000 lb.  They are used in many areas of a plant where lifting goods or changing the elevation of a product is required.  Various options and customizations can be added to maximize the benefit you require.

Multi-scissor Lift Table

Multi Scissor Lift Table

Multi-scissor tables are used where the lift requirement is higher than a standard table.  Popular applications include raising items to a another floor.  Many options are also available to customize the unit to the required application.

 Heavy Duty Lift Table


Heavy duty Lift Tables are also available for loads from 8,000 -12,000 lb. capacity. Custom designed units can be used as loading docks,   Most options such as bellows skirting and safety limit switches would are also available.

Econolift options


Common uses of lift tables include:

  • Vehicle loading and docking operations
  • Mobility impaired access
  • Work positioning and ergonomic handling
  • Load positioning (e.g. when integrated into conveyor systems)
  • Materials positioning in machine feeding applications
  • Pallet and roll cage handling
  • Furniture upholstery


Key  Information required when ordering a lift table

Before the appropriate lift table can be identified key information is required.

  • Products lifting weight and size
  • Lowered and maximum raised height – (Pit mount for 0 inches lowered height.)
  • Platform size and special options requirements (Turntable, conveyor or rollers)
  • Loading and unloading method
  • Drive-on capability – total capacity
  • Power / voltage availability
  • Controls: Hand held or foot control
  • Stationary, Portable or Semi-portable
  • Safety Features: Safety Bellows, limit switches.



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