Lifting Device Inspection

LDI – Lifting Device Inspection

By Ontario Ministry of Labour Law a detailed visual and operational inspection of the forklift (LDI) is required annually by a competent person to show proof the lift truck had passed inspection and was running properly and safely.  Upon completion of the inspection the customer receives a copy of the LDI noting what items require attention.  

For items that do not pass the truck must be taken out of service until all items have been repaired and the forklift is re-inspected.  Upon final completion the forklift receives a certification decal and the customer is provided with the LDI final report.

Liftway service technicians will perform a thorough examination of your forklift or lifting device and provide a detail report of all deficiencies.  Our service manager will prepare a quote detailing the work required to put your equipment back safe operating order.  You will be provided with documentation that will provide government approval to keep your truck operational.

Lifting Device Reference Links

Liftway – Certification of (LDI) Lifting Device Form

Ontario Ministry of Labour – Forklift – Checklist 

Liftway Lifting Device Inspection Certificate



-A- Service Inspection  –  every 200 hours

-B- Service Inspection  –  every 600 hours

-C- Service Inspection  –  Every 1600 hours

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