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Loading Dock Maintenance Program

Loading Dock Maintenance Program

Our service trucks are equipped with the necessary power tools, welder/generator, oxy-acetylene torches and hydraulic booms, therefore we can provide you with fast and efficient loading dock service every time.   Our technicians are safety trained and ticketed in WHMIS, fall awareness, scissor lifts and lift truck operation and all our service trucks are equipped with approved fire extinguishers and other necessary safety and personal protective equipment.

  • Dock Leveler Preventative Maintenance
  • Vertical Storage Dock Leveler Preventative Maintenance
  • Vehicle Restraint Preventative Maintenance 
  • Overhead Door Preventative Maintenance


Dock Leveler vehicle restraint
Vertical Storage loading dock  Roll Up Door


Loading Dock Inspection and preventative maintenance checklist:

  • Power to the loading dock equipment will be shut off and locked out as required
  • All garbage is removed and disposed from the dock pit, hinges and surrounding area.
  • All structural welds and steel are inspected for any cracks or wear.
  • All hydraulic components are checked for leaks, damage and operation.
  • All mechanical components are checked for adjustment, damage and operation.
  • All pins are inspected for wear, damage and proper retaining clips.
  • Power pack and valves are inspected for proper operation and fluid levels.
  • The master panel is inspected for any damage to the electrical wiring and buttons.
  • All components and safety features for the vertical storage dock Are inspected and tested for proper operation as required
  • Safety props, release handles and the main cylinder will be inspected for proper adjustments and operation.
  • All interlocks and safety features of the loading dock are checked and tested for proper operation.
  • All pins, hinges, bushing,  assemblies and other moving parts are lubricated as required.
  • All lubrication and adjustments are performed to the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • Minor adjustments are performed during the preventative maintenance service.
  • A detailed report of all findings will be presented to you before proceeding
  • No repairs beyond work outlined as part of the preventative maintenance program is performed without your approval.

 Overhead Door Specific Items

  • All structural materials will be inspected for any wear or damage.
  • Overhead  springs will be inspected for damage and proper tension.
  • All cables and drums and bearing plates will be inspected for wear and damage.
  • All rollers and hinges will be inspected for wear and damage.
  • All of the door track will be inspected for proper mounting to the wall documenting any issues.
  • All electric overhead door operator and push button stations will be tested and inspected for correct operation and settings.
  • All interlocks and safety features will be tested and inspected for proper function.
  • All of the overhead door perimeter and bottom weather seal will be inspected for damage.
  • All rollers, bearings, hinges, springs and cables will be lubricated

 For more information or to arrange a free inspection contact our service department.   We will arrange a visit to inspect your existing dock equipment and provide a detail report on the condition of your dock equipment as well as a recommended periodic maintenance program.


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