Maximize Your Outside Storage Space

How To Maximize Your Outside Storage Space

Inside and outside, warehousing and storage space is becoming more and more expensive.  With land and building property values and taxes increasing, efficient utilization of all outdoor storage space is important.  Many types of racking are available to handle your racking requirements.

As was discussed in our previous article “Maximize Your Warehouse Space” , outside storage space is also another important area where you can optimize your valuable storage space.

High density cantilever racking is the most popular outside racking option available.  It allows you to store materials (longer loads) in a smaller confined area.  You not only use the floor surface area but also have the ability to store above the ground with raised beams.  Just by adding additional arms you can increase  your effective storage space.

An optional galvanized finish on all outdoor racking is available for extra wear resistance.

Cantilever racking can be supplied double sided or single sided depending on the layout of your storage area.  To protect goods from adverse weather conditions a roof panel can be provided and for single sided cantilever racking wall panels can also used.

Outdoor storage space - cantilever racking

What you need to know when ordering racking:

  • Single sided or Double sided
  • Height of Posts
  • Number of and the centre to centre distance of the posts
  • Arm Length
  • Number of arms per post
  • Maximum load per arm
  • Arms straight or upward incline
  • Pin on end of arm to prevent roll off
  • Overall racking length

When cantilever racking isn’t an option and standard industrial racking is required then some of other options to gain more outdoor storage space are to look at are specialty lift trucks such as a  side-loader, 4 way directional , Aisle Master or Drexel.

With these types of trucks you can operate with aisles as small as the width of the truck plus a foot or so where a traditional lift truck would require approximately 16 ft of aisle width or even larger.

Outdoor standard racking can be utilized for a host of applications:

  • Racking - LumberLumber Yards
  • Home Improvement Centres / Garden Centres
  • Automotive parts / Tire distribution centres
  • Farm Equipment / Agricultural Suppliers
  • RV / Marina dealers
  • Petroleum Dealers and Distributors
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing


Let us customize a layout best suited for your building site needs.  We can prepare a PSR engineer’s report detailing your specific layout.

If you would like to discuss further then please contact us at Liftway Limited and we will be glad to discuss your available options.  We can also provide full installation including any required concrete footings.  Leasing also can also be provided if required.


Be sure to ask about availability for all products

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