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Preventative Maintenance
A – B – C Type
Service Inspections

Liftway Forklift – PM – Preventative Maintenance Programs

Like any vehicle or piece of equipment proper maintenance is imperative to keep your forklift  safe and reliable.  Proper preventative maintenance programs can also save you money by avoiding costly repairs as your lift truck gets older.  Also your forklift will be in better condition when you sell or trade it in providing you with a higher resale value.


Forklift engines today run hotter and at higher speeds and require regular timely maintenance.  Most newer engines are mainly made of aluminum components and if not running with a good clean recommended grade engine oil serious damage can arise.  Transmissions and hydraulic components also have higher tolerances and will also require that added attention to minimize costly repairs.  Forklift manufacturers require a properly scheduled manufacturer approved maintenance program to keep their lift truck warranty valid.

A maintenance program set-up for your forklift application from Liftway can keep your overall cost to a minimum and provide reliability that the equipment will be operational and in safe working order when you need it to be.


Liftway offers specific maintenance programs depending on the type of forklift you own.  Basic standard forklift maintenance programs are designed for both internal combustion and electric forklifts.  We have a three stage approach (Schedule A, B and C) to a full maintenance program.  This program  can be customized to meet your operation and environment.  

All forklifts are to be inspected annually by law for safe running order with specific focus on the the mast operation.   Liftway offers our “LDI” (Lifting Device Inspection) program.  To meet ministry of labour standards this must be carried out annually.

Liftway  Maintenance Programs

-A- Service Inspection  –  every 200 hours

-B- Service Inspection  –  every 600 hours

-C- Service Inspection  –  Every 1600 hours

Liftway Maintenance

Lifting Device Inspection – Annually