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Making the correct decision

When making a decision to buy a forklift, it is essential to determine what environment and what type of lifting you need the forklift to do.  The answer to these questions will determine which forklift frame is appropriate.  On nearly all forklifts the frames will dictate precisely which tire is required.

Below are some questions to consider.

  • Are you primarily using the forklift indoors or outdoors?
  • Will the forklift go out sometimes but mainly used inside?
  • If, it is indoors, do you have narrow aisles – Is a tight turning radius important?
  • Is it an extremely large space your dealing with?
  • If it is outdoors, what type of surface will the forklift be traveling on?   Asphalt, concrete or gravel?  Are there big or sharp objects around?

Pneumatic Tire Forklifts — Outdoor, Rugged Terrain:

A lift truck with pneumatic tires is the best choice for rough uneven ground, gravel, and asphalt. Pneumatic tires are made of aggressive treaded rubber. There are two types of pneumatic tires – solid resilient pneumatic and standard air pneumatic.  Check out our inventory of current pneumatic forklifts.

Komatsu Pneumatic Tire Forklift

Solid pneumatic (resilient) tires are made completely with 100% rubber; therefore, you cannot have a flat tire. If you have lot’s of nails or metal in your yard then this would be your best choice.  This tire will however provide a harder ride than a standard air pneumatic tire.pneumatic tire section

Pneumatic air tires are made with layered rubber which are filled with air . Because of this, these tires provide a softer ride than the solid resilient type tires.  Some users opt for foam filling their pneumatic tire to provide a softer ride but avoiding flat tires.  The only drawback to this is if the sidewall is damaged the tire is ruined.  The cost of tires with foam fill can be as much or more than the resilient tire.

Cushion Tire Forklifts — Indoor and Outdoor Smooth Terrain:

Cushion tires are made of smooth or treaded solid rubber bonded to a metal ring or baseband. The cushion tire forklift is primarily used indoors in locations such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. They are suitable for tighter areas because of their smaller turning radius. Since they sit lower to the ground than the pneumatic or resilient tire, a cushion tire forklift can be driven outdoors but only on smooth concrete or asphalt.  Trucks normally are supplied new with a tread design tire but for specific applications smooth rubber tires can be used.  To minimize marking on clean floors non marking or urethane tires may be an option.  Check out of current inventory of cushion tire forklifts.

Unicarriers Cushion Tire Forklift

Spend some time to assess your surroundings and establish what your forklift frame will be and then the decision whether to use cushion or pneumatic will be resolved.  For a detailed list of the various tire types and compositions check out our Solideal forklift tire page.


Tire pictures courtesy of Camoplast Solideal




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