Reduce Operating Costs of Forklifts

Three new tires designed to reduce operating cost of forklifts

Thursday, 20 Jul 2017 ( #830 )

Forklift mobility needs are constantly changing. But one element that remains constant is that fleet owners and managers are always looking to lower their operating costs. Solideal’s new resilient (RES) tire line-up, manufactured by Camso, responds to this.

How quickly a tire wears is dependent on a number of criteria; some of which include how much load a vehicle carries, how far it travels, the number of hours it works, driver behaviour, floor type, etc. But over and above these criteria, usage intensity is the most important variable to look at. Application intensity reflects the amount of heat stress inflicted on the tires by the forklift’s duty cycles. Camso believes tire life should be a given and for this to be true, you need to be able to match the tire to the intensity level of the application you’re running. 

The new industry-leading Solideal RES series is designed to provide maximum lifespan within an array of different application intensities so fleet managers can maximize payback on their investment. As off-the-road experts, Camso understands well the unique mobility needs of any forklift and the intensity requirement of a specific application. 

Tire life should be a given

What Camso learned is that customers don’t always need a high-performance tire, but they don’t want to compromise on life. Camso’s new line of resilient tires has been reengineered to give the best possible life in the industry regardless of your selection. 

The Solideal RES 660 Xtreme Series

Solideal RES660 ResilientThe Solideal RES 660 is highly resistant to heat due to its performance compounds and low rolling resistance. It was designed for very intense applications with long runs, heavy lifting, and minimal forklift idle time. Its wide profile increases stability in corners and lifting loads. The continuous centre lug minimizes vibrations for a smoother ride. 


The Solideal RES 550 Magnum Series

Solideal RES550 Resilient TireThe Solideal RES 550, is the ideal choice for applications requiring medium to and heavy loads, but do not operate 24/7. Stability and safety are assured by its wide profile, large footprint and deep lugs. These features also improve tire traction on rough surfaces. 


The Solideal RES 330 Series

Solideal RES330 Resilient TireThe Solideal RES 330 is ideally suited for machines running in confined spaces on an intermittent basis. For this type of application, the RES 330 is the longest-lasting tire in the industry and offers the lowest operating cost solution.



To help facilitate tire selection in forklift applications and reduce operating costs, Camso offers online tools such as the Usage Intensity Calculator to determine the application’s intensity, ensuring the right tire is selected without over paying for performance that’s not needed. 

For more personalized purchasing advice, consult with your forklift maintenance and tire specialist. Don’t forget to discuss the intensity of your application with your forklift OEM, too.

About Camso 
We serve the material handling, construction, agriculture and powersport industries by manufacturing and distributing pneumatic, airless and solid tires, tracks, driven and trailed conversion track systems and OEM undercarriages. We even operate our own foundry and go right to the source of rubber. We work from the tree to the tread

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