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GRAMMER Suspension Seat
MSG20 | B12 Series

Grammer Suspension Seat
B12 series and MSG 20 series


In Amberg, Germany, worldwide headquarters for GRAMMER AG, they have understood for a number of years the significance of good seating as it relates to improving the occupational health problems of lower back disorders in operators of material handling machines, such as forklifts.In the North America, studies are just beginning on lower back disorders in the workplaces of forklift machine operators and the impact that poor seating has on both workforce attendance as well as an employer’s bottom line.

GRAMMER is ahead of these studies already and has already established the bar for what innovative seating solutions for all forms of equipment should be equipped with:  built-in shock absorbers, adjustable backrest angle with setting range from -10 to +34 degrees, weight adjustment, and lumbar support just to name a few.

Grammer Suspension Seats

“Comfort that never quits”

GRAMMER seats are designed ultimately for the people who use them.  Maximum comfort and intuitive operation are therefore major design principles.  For years, GRAMMER has worked intimately with leading scientists researching the human spine.  These findings then flow directly into our product development.  You can feel it in every seat we design.  After all, the operator shouldn’t fit the seat; the seat should fit the operator.

Isn’t it time you took a look at what GRAMMER seats can do for your “bottom” line?

Grammer B12 series Suspension Seat

Don’t let the classic design deceive you.  The Grammer B12 is built with a rugged toughness and advanced, shock-absorbing materials so it can stand up to any job.  There are many substandard copies of this seat in the market today – Don’t be fooled. Buy only the original Grammer product.

Grammer B12 Suspension SeatB12 SUSPENSION SEAT FEATURES:

  • Semi-suspension
  • Suspension stroke up to 1.6 in. (40 mm)
  • Weight adjustment range – 110-265 lbs. (50-120 kg)
  • Fore/aft adjustment (150mm)- accommodates all body sizes/types
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Foldable armrests (option)
  • Operator presence switch (option)
  • Universal mounting – can be adapted to most applications.


GRAMMER MSG20 Suspension Seat

Grammer MSG20 Suspension Seat

The MSG20 is Grammer’s most comfortable semi-suspension seat.  It is a compact suspension with rapid weight adjustment for forklifts and other equipment requiring a compact seat. The seat operation is designed to be as easy as possible to offer  maximum comfort to changing drivers.  Packed with features and an ergonomic design, this seat will keep you focused on the job, not on the vibrations.  Easy to install on most forklift models.


  • Semi-suspension
  • Suspension stroke up to 2.4 in. (60 mm)
  • Weight adjustment range – 100-285 lbs. (50-130 kg)
  • Fore/aft adjustment – accommodates all body sizes/types
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Foldable armrests
  • Document box
  • Operator presence switch


For all your forklift and machinery seating contact our sales or parts department at 1-800-543-8929.

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