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Testimonial – Canadian Shield Pavement Products

Our company purchased a new 5000 lb lift truck from Liftway in 2013 to replace our worn out unit. I was very pleased with Liftway’s help in deciding which lift truck would best suit our needs. They had the selection, expert advice, attractive purchasing/financing options and very friendly staff.

I also purchased some racking from them and greatly appreciated their help in designing the layout.

I have toured their facility during the course of looking for the new truck and was impressed with the size of their repair facility and parts department.

I have my truck serviced and maintained on-site by their mobile technicians. Even though our company has only one lift truck I always feel like I am treated like an important customer!

Larry DeVoy
Plant Manager
Canadian Shield Pavement Products


Canadian Shield Pavement Preservation Products Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian manufacturer and licensed distributor of SealMaster® high performance eco-friendly asphalt and concrete maintenance products to repair, protect and beautify your driveway, parking lot, runway, street or tennis court. Our industry leading surface treatments, crack fillers, and traffic paints are easy to use, and our tools and equipment will get the job done with an emphasis on quality, safety, detail and performance.



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