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TESTIMONIAL – Mckeough Supply Div. of EMCO Corporation

HI John, Thank you on behalf of myself and the HVAC team here at EMCO Corp.

I wanted to craft a quick email reiterating some of the things I had earlier expressed. I feel that Liftway needs to be made aware of the customer-facing experience.

We really appreciated the process and the approach you took. You managed to put our team into a piece of equipment we can be proud to operate. John, your attention to detail was spot on despite my “shoot-from-the- hip” approach.

Aside from your professionalism, patience and expertise, the real stand-out element for us was the damage control that Liftway was willing to undertake when I panicked and realized I may have, despite your best and repeated warnings, selected the incorrect machine based on our racking plan.  Liftway went above and beyond in its graciousness to work out an accommodating ‘option b’ should the initial unit not fit the business requirements… this despite the fact that we had a signed agreement in place, a processed invoice and payment tendered. When a business chooses to out into practice long term vision as opposed to a short-sighted strategy, quality customers take notice. We at EMCO practice the same philosophy; our customers are not perfect and missteps occur. How we chose to place the customer first in an effort to reconcile an error is speaks to our character. Liftway demonstrated its willingness, without hesitation or request, to do the same and offered a solution in short order. The solution you offered did not place Liftway’s needs first… it placed our needs first.

John, this won’t be forgotten as we continue to expand our business into the Toronto market. I look forward to our next project together.

PS, thanks for not punching me in the face after I nearly gave you a heart-attack.


Matthew Whitehead, PCM
Mckeough Supply Div. of EMCO Corporation


McKeough Supply

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