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Testimonial – Mississauga Metals

Mississauga Metals has been in partnership with Liftway for over 5 years.
Just last year we purchased a Forklift  from Liftway.  Our operators are very satisfied with the excellence performance of this Forklift.  It has a strong sideshift, superior reach and sizeable lifting capacity.  Our lift truck  was put to the challenge with the rough winter we had this year and it never got stuck outside.  It is a very powerful machine for the size of it.  As always Liftway offered us the best pricing in the market.
The after sales support system that is provided by Liftway is extremely reliable and easy to deal with.  If you want a stress free experience when buying your new forklift Liftway is the way to go for your next purchase.

Doug Sharp
Mississauga Metals,
Brantford, ON


MM&A was established in 1978 with the sole mission of recycling zirconium scrap to the nuclear industry. The company has been family owned and operated since that time, and continues to specialize in zirconium and hafnium, as well as niobium, molybdenum and others. MM&A is a leading supplier of prepared zirconium recycle products in the world, serving the nuclear, aerospace, and chemical industries. Please see specific information about these products on this website.


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