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Testimonial – PAN GLO Canada Pan Coatings Inc.

PAN GLO is really pleased to be dealing with Liftway. The tech from Liftway has given us top notch service and really understands the mechanics of Forklifts. Our Forklift had issues with the wheels jittering. I called in Liftway to take a look. The Liftway tech knew exactly how to tackle the job. I appreciate that he not only fixed what I asked him to but he took the initiative to provide us with additional recommendations to ensure that the job would be done properly. John our operator here at Pan Glo is over the moon because as he puts it “the forklift has never ever driven as smoothly as it does now.”I couldn’t be happier with Liftway and recommend them to anyone.

Aaron Furlong
PAN GLO Canada Pan Coatings Inc.


Pan cleaning, straightening & coating services.

Millions of baking pans of every shape, size and configuration are processed by Pan Glo® plants across America and Mexico each year. Our proprietary wash system coupled with our exclusive AMERICOAT® 


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