Burlington, ON.

TESTIMONIAL – Re-Plast   (Burlington)

“I thank you (Greg) and your team so much for all of your great service to date. Richard, Sue, Janet, Bryce and yourself, that I have dealt with are great. Sue got Re-Plast set up and approved for credit within one day. Janet booked our service with Bryce in an very efficient manner. Greg, you got back to me within your timeline and with a very reasonable quote, Bryce is a great tech and we want him always… if possible.

I would also like to add how Bryce identified a problem with our Komatsu tow motor yesterday that has been a problem, since we purchased it, that we were never made aware of. This problem was causing other expensive issues that were required to be fixed. This just further supports how great of a tech he is.

I am confident thus far that Richard cold calling us was the best thing that happened to us for a great company to service our tow motors. Thank you Richard for being a good sales person – 2 days later we would have missed you.

I will refer your company to everyone I deal with, I will get Richard on it, he is very good at what he does.

So I thank you all and have a great week.


Kindest regards,

Andria Snowden
Sales & Marketing Manager

Burlington, ON


Re-Plast takes a different approach to recycling!

We educate our customers on how to turn their waste stream into a revenue stream!

Your goal is to have very minimal waste sent to our landfills if none at all!

We provide companies with complete Waste Stream Analysis and Recycling Management Programs.

We educate a broad range of customers in many different sectors on how to be more cost-effective and increase profit margins by identifying all materials that can be recycled. Various materials such as plastics, including film, cardboard, metals and salvage can all be handled easily and efficiently.

We visit each client and location for an initial assessment and waste audit of their individual recycling needs.

Upon completion, we make the necessary recommendations to initiate or enhance your recycling program.



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