Unicarriers Forkifts – It’s evolution…

Unicarriers Forkifts – It’s evolution…

UniCarriers Forklift was formed with the merging of TCM into Nissan Forklift Corporation and the renaming of Nissan as UniCarriers. The new company was established in order to assume the role of forklift industry leader and to compete more aggressively in a changing material handling environment.

Challenge for Excellence

The Integration of Four Brands to Form UniCarriers Corporation

Through the integration of TCM, Nissan Forklift, Barrett, and Atlet, UniCarriers Corporation offers the market over a century’s worth of combined experience, and product value that has long been considered among the best in the industry.

  • Nissan Forklift is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance material handling equipment, offering a full range of forklifts for your logistics operation.
  • Barrett Electric Lifts is one of the oldest and most recognized manufacturers of electric narrow aisle forklifts, pallet trucks and jacks.
  • Atlet is one of Europe’s leading forklift manufacturers and material handling experts, committed to improving the profitability of your material handling.
  • TCM is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing sturdy, extremely durable forklifts that have an excellent reputation among users for manoeuvrability and reliability.

With our merger, forklifts will no longer be just a peripheral business unit within a broader automotive company. We will be able to focus on what we do best – forklifts. Forklift trucks will be our sole business. This focus allows us to rethink our business model to bring customers smarter logistics solutions faster. With forklifts as our primary focus, we’re revisiting our business model and putting customers front and center. Our customer-centric approach will define everything we do from product development to service delivery.

Despite changing from Nissan Forklift to UniCarriers Forklifts, you can count on several constants:

  • Our Commitment to Excellence

    We may have a new name, but our passionate people, tried-and-true high-quality processes and best-in-class products remain the same—and will only get better.

  • Our Belief in True Partnership

    Our tenacious attitude, collaborative approach and innovative spirit will continue to define us. We’re as driven as ever to find new, creative ways to partner with suppliers, customers and dealers on what will prove to be a mutually beneficial growth trajectory.

  • Our Commitment to Strengthening our Dealer Partners

    Developing and supporting our network of exceptional Dealers—through comprehensive, industry-leading technical support and training—to help Dealers achieve business efficiencies and better service Customers.

  • Our Pledge to Protect the Environment

    Operating, and helping our customers operate, as green companies remains an imperative.

Most importantly, we hold firm our belief that your success is our success. We’re deeply committed to making this transition successful—while making it easier for you in the process. We look forward to taking our first leap forward with your business as UniCarriers.

The long term vision of UniCarriers is “Challenge for Excellence”. From production to sales, domestic to global, UniCarriers aims for “Excellence” in every area of the forklift business.

Three Pillars of UniCarriers’ Corporate Philosophy

Practicing the following values will help lead UniCarriers on our journey to becoming a global market leader:

  • (1) Working from a global market perspective, make every effort to provide customers with optimal solutions at a fair price;
  • (2) Continuously expand our business by fully engaging all three of our innate assets (Capital, Customers, Employee Talent) to yield profits which will contribute to society;
  • (3) Provide a working environment for employees that offers both intellectual and financial fulfillment, so they and their families can attain happiness and prosperity

We are confident that by being mindful of these values on a daily basis, we will create a positive global influence, from economic growth to the protection of our environment.

The “Uni” of our name conveys our Uniqueness, Unity and Universality, symbolizing the common thread that binds our distinct strengths. In addition to our new name, the core color elements of our new visual identity reinforce our passion for the earth and infinite sky, reminding us of our limitless possibilities for attaining our goals.

UniCarriers Americas Headquarters Established in Marengo, Illinois

Corporate headquarters was established in Americas heartland at the former offices of Nissan Forklift Corporation in Marengo, Illinois. Located just 65 miles northwest of Chicago and less than 20 miles south of the Wisconsin border, UniCarriers Americas Corporation has been proudly producing material handling equipment in its expanded facility since the 1980’s. Here our seasoned workforce is dedicated to ensuring a superior customer experience, having earned UniCarriers Americas its solid reputation as a quality leader in the material handling industry.

UniCarriers Americas Leadership Team

With the establishment of the new brand name and the new UniCarriers Corporation umbrella, a new management structure and management team was established:

  • President – Anthony James Salgado (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)
  • Chief Administration Officer – Toshiya Yamaguchi (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)
  • Chief Finacial Officer – Tom Prusinski (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)
  • Executive Vice President – James J. Radous III (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)
  • Vice President, Sales & Marketing – Steve Cianci (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)
  • Vice President, Aftermarket Customer Satisfaction – Dan Domberg (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)
  • Vice President, Product Engineering – Shunichi Hasegawa (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)
  • Vice President, Manufacturing Operations – Dale Mark (formerly Nissan Forklift Corp.)

UniCarriers Group History

UniCarriers Holdings Corporation
UniCarriers Corporation


TCM Corporation and Nissan Forklift Co., Ltd. are integrated as UniCarriers Corporation.
Establishment of the regional headquarters in Europe (Germany), Americas (USA), Asia (Thailand) and China.
Reorganization of both TCM and Nissan Forklift direct sales network in Japan market.
Production of forklifts is consolidated in both Japan & the US markets.
(US – South Carolina production is moved to Marengo, Illinois)
(Japan – Totsuka of Takada Kogyo is moved to Shiga)
Establishment of Global Component Technologies Corporation.


Nissan Forklift Co., Ltd. and TCM Corporation join UniCarriers Group, each becomes 100% subsidiary of UniCarriers Corporation.


Establishment of UniCarriers Holdings Corporation.

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