UniCarriers launches Platinum II Forklifts

UniCarriers launches Platinum II Forklifts


UniCarriers Americas Corporation (UCA) has launched the Platinum II PF50DF and PF60DF Dual Fuel forklifts with features optimized for greater operational efficiency, damage prevention and uptime.

UniCarriers New Platinum ForkliftUniCarriers is touting the new line for operations requiring exceptional fuel efficiency and long-term value.

The Platinum II Series is powered by the company’s K21, 2.1 litre , electronic fuel-injected industrial engine that provides excellent fuel economy and reduced exhaust emissions.

Features on Platinum II Forklifts models include a standard powertrain protection system which reduces the truck’s speed when excessive heat or oil pressure loss is detected, lengthening drivetrain life.

Available in LP, Gas* or both, our fuel management system optimizes engine operation to provide excellent fuel efficiency and reduced CO, HC and NOx exhaust emissions inside your operation.   Each Platinum II comes standard with our comprehensive engine protection system to warn operators in case of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure, providing extended engine and drive train life for your lift truck investment.

UniCarriers Advantages

  • Fuel-efficient GCT K21 (2.1 liter) electronic fuel injected industrial engines in LP, LPS or dual fuel
  • Among the lowest emissions in the industry —3X lower CO than a leading competitor and EPA/CARB 2010 Certified
  • On-board diagnostics accessed through the LCD meter
  • Seat-actuated Operator Presence System
  • High/Low Travel Speed Control option
  • Power/Economy controlled acceleration option
  • Simplified LP tank replacement
  • Simple, zero maintenance cushion stability control
  • Dependable three-stage cooling system
  • Innovative Powertrain Protection System


FORKLIFTACTION NEWS – edition #762 – 24 Mar 2016

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