UniCarriers – Low Cost Of Ownership

UniCarriers Forklifts – Low Cost Of Ownership

UniCarriers forklifts are designed to require fewer inputs — from the initial price you pay to the savings in service, parts and fuel you achieve. They’re manufactured to deliver maximize output — in productivity, efficiency, the years of reliable service they provide and even the resale price they command. It all adds up to greater value, and the best forklift investment you can make.

Competitive Pricing

The initial price you pay for any piece of equipment is important — but it is only one part of the value equation. And while you can certainly find forklifts at a wide range of price points, consider that:

  • UniCarriers has initial price points that are competitive with other premium equipment
  • Most of our forklifts come with standard features that may be costly options on competitive equipment

You’ll find every forklift we produce is an investment that starts paying big dividends when you buy it, and for as long as you own it.


From the whole machine to the individual components inside them, Unicarriers forklifts are the product of innovative design, quality materials and precision manufacturing. The result is a level of reliability you can count on for maximum uptime and productivity.

  • Only Class I, IV and V forklifts manufactured by UniCarriers Americas come with the industry’s best limited warranty — to ensure your equipment and your operation continue to work productively and efficiently



Every aspect of every forklift manufactured by UniCarriers Americas is designed to boost your productivity and profitability. They offer exclusive features that make entering and exiting pallets faster and easier, we have controls that are ergonomically designed for faster, more productive operation — and their drivetrains require less maintenance and deliver more power to outperform competitive trucks by up to 2500 cycles per year.


Energy Efficiency

Unicarriers Forklift - EfficiencyWhether you choose electric, gas, LP or diesel, you’ll spend less on fuel — and spend less time refueling — with forklifts manufactured by UniCarriers Americas. For example:

  • The K21 internal combustion engines use nearly 11% less fuel compared to competitive models under unloaded conditions*
  • The AC power on our lineup of electric rider trucks has 5 separate power-regeneration features to optimize battery life

These are just two of the ways that forklifts manufactured by UniCarriers Americas help you save on energy costs while you maximize performance and productivity on every shift.

*Based on independent testing of 5000 lb. capacity LPG cushion tire models in Economy mode.


Unicarriers Forklifts - ServiceabilityUnicarriers build their forklifts tough for maximum uptime, and they build them smart to minimize the time, effort and expense when troubleshooting and maintenance are required.

Extended service intervals keep our equipment up, running and productive.

When service is required, key service points are quickly and easily accessible.

The cushion stability control is a simple, low-tech solution that costs little to make, nothing to maintain and never needs repair.

Their rugged five-piece overhead guard takes 75% less time — and costs hundreds less — to make needed replacement.

Resale Value

Forklifts manufactured by UniCarriers Americas are worth more when you buy them — and more when you sell them. The reliability, longevity and productivity of their trucks continue to command a higher price for the seller — and deliver lasting performance and value for the buyer.

You’ll find a lot of the equipment they manufactured 20 to 30 years ago is still on the job and producing … for the original owner or for its second, third or fourth owners.

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