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Liftway Inventory

Used Forklifts Inventory Listing – Electric

Our certified and warranted reconditioned lift trucks are supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  

Several financing methods are also available to assist you in acquiring the lift truck you require.  

For immediate assistance call us a 1-800-LIFTWAY (1-800-543-8929) to talk to a Liftway sales representative.

Three Wheel Electric Forklifts

CapacityTruck InformationPowerMastFeatures Inventory
3,500Komatsu – FB18M-348v3 stage – 210″ Side ShiftUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6153


Four Wheel Electric Forklifts

CapacityTruck InformationPowerMastFeatures Inventory
3,000Hyster – E30XL 3 stage – 191″42″ Forks – Side Shift 01-U7049
6,000Yale – ERC060GHN36v3 Stage – 170″48″ Forks – Side ShiftUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6805
6,500Hyundai – 32BC-748v3 stage – 185″42″ Forks – Side ShiftUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6823


Narrow Aisle / Reach

CapacityTruck InformationPowerMastFeatures Inventory
3,000Caterpillar – NRR3024v3 stage – 210″42″ ForksUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6532
3,000Raymond – EASiR30TT24 volt3 stage – 210″ 42″ forksUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6854
3,000Raymond – 31SDR30TT36 volt3 stage – 191″42″ ForksUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6925
4,000Raymond – EASiR40TT36 volt3 stage – 210″42″ forksUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6842
4,000Raymond – EASiR40TT36 volt3 stage – 210″ 42″ ForksUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6843
4,000Raymond – R40C40TT 3 stage – 188″42″ forksUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6889


Power Pallet Truck

CapacityTruck InformationPowerForksFeatures Inventory
2,200Lift-rite – LRT3000-1112v20″W x 42″L Used Forklifts Electric01-U6471
3,000Blue Giant – XPT3024 volt27″W x 45″L  01-U7009
4,000BT – LPE200/200824 volt27″W x 45″L  01-U6910
4,000Clark – P40E12v27″W x 48″L  01-U6674
4,000Yale – MPB040EN24T27482427″W x 48″L  01-U6803
4,500Hyster – W45XT12v24″W x 48″L Used Forklifts Electric01-U6555
6,000Raymond – 840024 volt27″W x 48″Lincludes batteryUsed Forklifts Electric01-U6921
6,000Blue Giant – P6024 volt27″W x 48″L  01-U7018


Electric Stackers

CapacityTruck InformationPowerMastFeatures Inventory

Cushion Tire Forklift Inventory


Cushion Tire

Pneumatic Tire

Miscellaneous Equipment

About Liftway Used Lift Trucks:

Liftway sells and services new and used lift trucks in Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, Simcoe and Chatham, Ontario.  Liftway also supplies parts, service, operator training and material handling rentals. Liftway has a 40 year legacy of selling material handling equipment to manufacturing plants, warehousing operations, commercial enterprises and small shops that needs a good lift truck.

Serving Southern Ontario:
Brantford:   Surrounding – Paris, Waterford, Burford, Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph,
Simcoe: Surrounding – Delhi,  Naticoke, Norwich,
Chatham-Kent: Surrounding – Windsor, Tecumseh, Sarnia, Strathroy
Hamilton: Surrounding – Oakville, Burlington, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Caledonia, Niagara, Welland