Used Material Handling Inventory
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Used Material Handling Inventory

Used Material Handling Equipment Listing

Cushion Tire ForkliftsPneumatic Tire ForkliftsElectric Trucks

Our certified and warranted equipment is supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.  

Several financing methods are also available to assist you in acquiring the used equipment you require.  

For immediate assistance call us a 1-800-LIFTWAY (1-800-543-8929) to talk to a Liftway sales representative.

Man-Lifts / Scissor Lifts 

CapacityTruck InformationPowerLiftFeaturesInventory
350JLG – DVL20Electric25′camera01-R1199
500Genie – Z34/22Electric34.5′48 volt – built in chargercamera01-U6849
500Grove – AMZ46NEElectric40′48 volt – built in chargercamera01-U6632
500JLG – 1930ES  (2005)Electric19′Extendable Platformcamera01-U6892
500Skyjack Scissor Lift – SJ006-5-10Electric24 volt – built in charger01-U6578

 Personnel Carriers 

YearTruck InformationPowerFeaturesInventory
Cushmann – 898340AELECTRIC01-U6600

 Sweepers / Scrubbers 

YearTruck InformationPowerFeaturesInventory
2007Powerboss – 9082LPGSweeper / scrubbercamera01-U6553

Manual Stackers

YearTruck InformationPowerFeaturesInventory


Product InformationFeaturesInventory
WIFO – DKB25E – 2,500 lb 180 degree rotatorClass II – Forks extra01-U6968
Total Fork Positioner – T30-100-38-72 (1998)Class III – 48″ Forks01-U6098
Total – Rotator – 360 degree – T14-32  (2002)Class II01-U6833
Total – Rotator – 360 degree – T14-32  (2002)Class II01-U6834
Lumber Forks – Class IV1-1/2″ x 10″ x 48″01-U6376
Rain Guard01-U6377
Allegany Weigh Scale – ELTIS-36,000 lb capacity01-U6393
Cascade Clamp – C36A3G36″ x 48″ Pads01-U6572
Multi Purpose Rotating Clamp – S03HCR220H48″ Forks01-U6484
Cascade Sideshift Fork Positioner01-U6746
Lumber Forks – Class III1-1/2 x 4 x 4801-U6780
Forklift Used LP TanksAluminum 33 lb.01-U6774

Used Cushion Tire Forklifts 

Used Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Used Electric Forklifts