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FORKLIFT –  Wheels and Rims

Depending on the type of forklift you own and the type of tires installed,  specific wheels will be required.  Multi-piece rims, split split and press-on wheels are the prominent types found on lift trucks today.

Forklift wheels and rims

Multi-Piece Rims – Lock Ring TypeMulti Piece Wheel Rim

  • For all wheel applications for tires 15″ diameter and above – pneumatic or resilient tires
  • Recommended for all sizes with resilient tires.
  • Can be custom made for special applications and rim widths
  • Meets or exceeds OE standards
  • Depending on the wheel manufacturer a multi-piece wheel is also known as either 3 piece or 4 piece locking wheel.
  • Care must be made when removing and installing tires on mult-piece rims.  If the lock ring is worn or is not properly installed they can suddenly break away and cause a serious explosion.

Split RimSplit Rims

  • Designed for wheel applications for pneumatic tires sizes up to 12″ diameter
  • Easy to replace tires
  • Inspection should be made periodically to check for cracking around the mounting holes
  • Least expensive wheel option
  • Meets or exceeds OE standard

Press on WheelPress-on Wheels

  • Manufactured with machined steel or cast type material to the specifications of forklift model applicable.
  • Order by forklift manufacturer’s part number
  • For cushion tire forklift applications

To best identify the correct wheel or rim for your forklift, identification is normally established using the correct manufacturer’s part number for the required wheel or rim.  Always provide the make, model and serial number of your forklift as well as the tire size and type.  For press-on tire forklifts it is best if possible to read the tire size off the side of the existing tire.  Most popular types are available in 1 to 2 days.

Due to potential risks it is best to have a trained professional perform changing of your forklift tires and rims. 

Liftway can also can obtain good used rims and wheels for popular forklifts.

For special applications we can measure the application and have a wheel custom made.


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